We have been Luxwander for a long time, but before that we were just

We have officially made the long awaited move!

And here's another teaser!

EDIT: Server transfer completed for MC servers.

I will be transferring our Minecraft servers to our new server over the next couple hours do expect downtime but I will try to make it limited!

With our new server we will finally have the extra space/ram/cpu to expand Luxwander and release new servers without any constraints! Oh, and the issue with the Majestic Creative server running out of drive space will now be solved finally. I've been configuring our new server over the past couple days and am quite happy with the results so far so I am excited that we are able to make such a big move!

The website and teamspeak will also be transferred but I do not plan to get to that today.

If there are any major complications or delays expected I will update this post with that information.

Thank you,

He has been accepted as the first full moderator from the new application process!

Let me know if he messes up.  :p
State of Vanillabean

Issues at Hand

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to give everyone a rundown with what's up with Vanillabean and what we are planning to do to fix the issues. I have also made a poll but please do not vote until you finish reading this post.

We all have been aware of the shovel protection plugin losing claims for several months now and we have been searching for a solution since then, recently we quietly added another plugin to test out to see if it was a viable replacement. Right now it's not looking too good as we have run into issues and players who are using it are reporting a lot of deficiencies on it's basic operation. Now the plugin we added is new and still being developed but that doesn't help our situation right now but I am not discounting it yet.

So for now, the shovel plugin is still the primary protection plugin on Vanillabean.

Jorgensen is on duty with WorldGuard to help claim large regions that are lost. I have also recently instructed him that he should teach the other mods how and when to use WorldGuard to assist in protecting claims lost by the shovel plugin.

Possible Solution and 1.8

1.8 is nearing and I believe this is an opportunity to rid ourselves of these issues once and for all. My idea is that we reset the map and use the Factions plugin that we use on Factions at the moment.

Now we are NOT turning Vanillabean into Factions, we are only using the plugin to facilitate the protection of land, expiration of claims, permissions on land etc. I will be tuning the values and settings of the plugin to fit the needs of Vanillabean and it will not resemble the configuration of Factions. The Factions dev team have already expressed they are working on the 1.8 update so when 1.8 is released and their 1.8 Factions is done we will reset the map and switch over to Factions.

In the meanwhile, I will set up Factions on the Vanillabean server for only Moderators to...