I again apologize for the disruption of the website and teamspeak availability.

But I am happy to say are we done migrating and are now on the new server with DDOS mitigation.

Please let me know if you have any issues and follow us a on twitter!

We'll definitely be using it more as it can come in handy.



We deeply apologize for the website and teamspeak server being down.

This was caused by a huge DDOS attack on our web server which unfortunately does not have DDOS mitigation; I've had this web server for a couple years and it has served us well until now.

Our Minecraft servers were unaffected and are not vulnerable to this type of attack since they have DDOS mitigation.

I will be migrating our website and teamspeak servers to a new host very soon where we can have DDOS mitigation to avoid future headaches on this type of attack.


>See previous patch notes here.

Hunger Games 1.5 Patch Notes

Unfortunately, due to a critical bug that did not come up during our testing we will have to revert back to the old HG plugin for now. We are in contact with the plugin devs to fix the issues and once they are resolved plan to readd the new plugin. It was great testing the new plugin out and it seems like everyone liked the new offerings. We will go back to v2.0 when all the bugs are worked out for now we will stay with v1.5 with the new lobby and new arena player counts all standardised at 28 players.

Please let me know if you have any feedback, questions, or find any bugs!


Factions is back online, but I have only done preliminary testing as I am out of time and have to go but it seems to work fine. Please let me know if you find out otherwise.

I figured out a solution and found a way to actually use an older version and avoid the login/crash bug, so they actually haven't updated it yet. But it seems to work!

Have fun in Factions and sorry for the downtime! I hope the Factions dev team will update Factions soon, as the next update will probably break it again...


I believe the connection issues have been fixed, please let me know if you are still getting random errors or are disconnecting from Luxwander intermittently. If you do get errors please make sure to take a screenshot and add it to your report, it helps me immensely diagnosing the issue!


>See the previous patch notes for 1.0.4 here.

Majestic Creative 1.0.5 Patch Notes

/plot auto has been "fixed" in order to fix it we had to create a new plot world.

To be able to claim a new plot you must now to go /mvtp world2 and you will be able to do /plot auto.

You will not be able to claim a plot and you will receive an error in "world" (world1). My theory is /plot auto has failed in "world" because the world is simply too large and the plugin cannot function properly and find open plots no matter what settings I tweaked to try to fix it.

So while this is a stopgap measure, both worlds "world" and "world2" can coexist just fine and all new players will now automatically spawn in world2.

Fireworks have also been disabled to stop all the abuse with hacked fireworks causing plots to become too laggy to be accessible. We will make them available again if we are able to stop the abuse of the fireworks with LuxGuard.

Please let me know if you have any feedback, questions, or find any bugs!


We are investigating issues with the server, currently it looks like a physical server failure (bad SSD etc) of some sort... but we are investigating and I will update as soon as I can.

I seriously apologize for the downtime and we are trying to solve it ASAP.

Creative is currently fine as it is on a separate server, but if you logout you will not be able to log back in.

There is no ETA, but I will keep everyone updated here.

2:08 PST: All current server data has been downloaded and saved, so nothing should be lost. No ETA yet, still investigating cause and we are exploring solutions such as ordering a new server right now.

2:45 PM PST: We're back online. It was an issue with Minecraft servers that affected a ton of servers not just us! A time based bug that hit a ton of servers at the exact same time... the Y2K of Minecraft. An update was released to fix it, and we have updated.

Factions is offline until an update is available as this version of the Minecraft we are using is incompatible with the Faction plugin and we can't use an older version because then you won't be able to log in...
Lately, few of us at Luxwander have been playing the free-to-play game War Thunder, we have actually had quite an interest in it.

So we're now wondering if there is a big interest in the community in this game and if you guys would like us to host an event? like a custom battle with all the people that play War Thunder here.

This game is completely free if you want to try it. You can download and check it out here: http://warthunder.com/

or if your prefer steam, it's on there as well.

We also have created an in game squadron (like a guild) simply search for Luxwander under the Squadrons tab and apply to join!


Niner Niner.
Hunger Games 1.0.1 Patch Notes

Chest items has been tweaked, rarity of certain items changed and certain items have been added. This should improve balance and gameplay.

Arenas will now autostart with 8 players instead of 10.

Deathmatch mode has been enabled, after 20 minutes living players will be teleported to the center for a final battle. After 5 more minutes, the round will automatically end making 25 minutes the maximum amount of time for an arena battle.

More votes are now needed to start an arena. This will give more time for players to join so battles can be larger.

We have added two new arenas! >Arena 9 - Davenport by kua13268 and >Arena 10 - Ascension Islands by Forever! Great work guys!

We looked into adding spectating, but it is currently bugged so we do not plan to add it at this time.

In the next patch, we will be deploying our new HG lobby!

Please let me know if you have any feedback, questions, or find any bugs!


>See the previous patch notes for 1.0.3 here.

Majestic Creative 1.0.4 Patch Notes

This is a rushed patch addressing some flaws with the previous version of LuxGuard, some features may not be fully tested. But, it is stable for use. I ask for feedback from players to see if things are working or not!

LuxGuard v1.2 Rushed Deployment (Untested)

v1.1 deleted the crash items, but the effect of the item persisted leading to them crashing anyways. This should be addressed (untested). Please let us know if you cannot log in we will be able to fix you, but you need to tell us so we can.

Chests will now be scanned for level 100+ enchanted items and delete them.

Players will not be able to pick up crash items/level 100+ enchanted items.

Players will now be notified when items are removed from them.

Various bug fixes/backend improvements.

Please let me know if you have any feedback, questions, or find any bugs!