Patch 1.0.3 adds features that help protect players from trolling/trapping/crashing and also limits god items. This is achieved by our new custom plugin!

LuxGuard, our first playerside custom plugin thanks to Developer Metalsand!

Features Include:

#1 Delete items with enchants greater than 100.

#2 Clear all player effects on login.

#3 Delete crash books.

#4 Nether portals will bring you to spawn, instead of getting stuck in them if you are blocked in.

We are still finetuning and adding more features to LuxGuard let us know what we should add to stop trolling/trapping/crashing and help make your experience better.

Players may also use the following commands,

/heal to clear unwanted potion effects.

/near to see invisible players near you. (we plan to remove invisibility completely soon in the next version of LuxGuard.)

Please let me know if you have any feedback, questions, or find any bugs!


Trial Moderator applications are now open.

Things are a bit different with this new rank.

Your application, if it meets our expectations will grant you an interview with Jasean on Teamspeak. If the application does not meet our expectations it will be denied and an interview not granted.

If you pass the interview, the application will be accepted and you will earn the Trial Moderator rank. This rank is not meant to be permanent by any means and is a stepping stone to Moderator as we evaluate you during your evaluation period.

A working microphone is also now required.

After 1 - 2 weeks of your evaluation as Trial Moderator you will either be promoted to Moderator or demoted.

Cartographers who want to become a Moderator have to go through this same system and do not get any short cuts with their rank since cartographers are primarily evaluated on their building ability and not their moderating ability since they have no moderating powers. Though, they are expected to report incidences of rulebreaking like any other staff and remain mature and professional.

If anyone has any questions about the new system, please let me know here.


Since I was fixing the server last night and this morning. I unfortunately had to skip resetting the Nether for Factions at the scheduled time.

I will instead reset it tonight Tuesday at 12 AM PDT.


All known bugs and issues that occurred yesterday have been resolved.

Please let me know if you are still missing your rank or if you have found another bug.

The server shop is also reopened!


UPDATE: All issues have been resolved.

We are currently experiencing issues with our permissions plugin and we have to replace it. Some of you may be missing your rank or not able to use commands that you normally have access to.

Please be assured that all will be resolved, we have records of ALL VIPs so we know who you are. If your rank is missing you will get it back when we switch to the new plugin.

I aim to have this fixed all of this by the end of today or sooner.

We are also turning off the server shop until this is resolved.

Thanks and I am really sorry for all of this, we are doing the best we can to get it resolved as fast as possible!

We are sorry to announce that King's Anarchy is now closed.

There are very few people playing and Luxwander Factions is an honest replacement for it.

We do not plan to reintroduce King's Anarchy in the future.

This closure will help make way for newer servers coming as space and resources are limited.


I have completed deploying Luxwander Factions Patch 1.1 as scheduled.

Here are the patch notes and details: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>

Please let me know if you have any feedback, questions, or bugs.
Luxwander Factions Patch 1.1

Factions 2.0 will now be known as Luxwander Factions and as a result, the number versioning has been reset to 1.0 as the first patch is 1.1 we will start here.

Patch 1.1 will deploy Monday morning @ around and after 12:00 AM PST this week and may require a few restarts and hopefully limited downtime.

Luxwander Factions 1.1 Changelog:

- Ender chests will be disabled, they may be readded as a VIP perk in the future.

This addresses concerns of stashing items without risk and hopefully will add more reward to risk when raiding a Faction. Please remove all items out of your Ender chests to save them from being inaccessible!

- The Nether will be reset for the first time and will continually be reset at the end of each week @ around 12:00 AM PST each Monday. The reset will also use a different seed each time to randomize the location of fortresses. Factions will also no longer be able to claim land in the Nether.

This addresses the lack of availability of netherwarts and blazes and claimed protection of fortresses. Factions should no longer have an extended monopoly over these resources. Please remove all your valuables from the nether!

- The restriction area for using /f home when an enemy is nearby will be reduced from 128 blocks to 32 blocks.

This will severely limit its usefulness as a radar in PvP.


Thanks for reading! I have more changes planned that will address mob spawning rates/grinding but that will be for 1.2.

Please feel free to leave feedback, nothing is final until it is implemented and even then changes are always up for review if there is a need for it.

I am happy to announce that we will be officially launching Factions 2.0!

The time of the launch is set for tomorrow, Saturday the 11th @ 2 PM PDT.

The Factions 1.0 server will be shutting down @ 1 PM PDT.

Hope to see everyone there!
We have successfully updated all servers to 1.7.2!

Please message me if you find any issues on the servers.

Have fun with the new blocks and items!

Thanks everyone, have a Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!