Players can now use /ignore NAME to ignore all chat from an individual player.

To un-ignore someone simply repeat the command.

Majestic Creative currently only has this capability, others servers will receive it soon.



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EDIT 2/24: Event schedule updated.

Find the previous update here.

There WILL BE a World War tomorrow, Wednesday the 13th @ 3 PM to 4 PM PST / 6 PM to 7 PM EST.

Lockkette will be removed in favor of LWC, please change your Lockkette chests to LWC as soon as possible. I will be removing Lockkette before the World War tomorrow.

Minecraft Nations 1.1.1 Changelog

World War automation plugin deployed.

Lockkette replaced by LWC.

Known Issues Under Investigation 1.1.1

The following issues have been deemed low priority as they are easy to work around and do not affect gameplay at large.

Due to the special circumstances that they are not our plugins and we are using their plugins in a behavior inconsistent with their design, these bugs may also not have a fix.

LWC protection persists through chest destruction after being re-enabled during the World War.

I.E. Break chest during war, after war LWC re-enabled. Old LWC protection applies to next block placed there regardless of placer.

Behavior is uncertain if a new chest is placed in the old protection by a different player.

Chestshops and LWC might be conflicting.

Reminder: Event Schedule


- No events, rest day.


- No events, rest day.

Tuesday [starts next week 2/19]

- Trading Event @ 12 PM PST to 6 PM PST, hosted by Felcis


- No events, rest day.

Thursday [starts next week 2/21]

- Trading Event @ 12 PM PST to 6 PM PST, hosted by Felcis

Friday [starts this week 2/15]

- Arena Tournament @ 1 PM PST, hosted by IlyTaylorSwifty


- World War @ 1 PM PST to 3 PM PST, hosted by...
EDIT: I'll be updating the documentation later to reference these changes, I'll also be putting it in a more accessible and obvious area on the website soon. Click here for current doc

EDIT 2: Updated event schedule to reflect update 1.1.1


I'm very sorry for the delay. I have been caught up in real life, but I have been making great strides to organizing our staff and recruiting volunteers to help with the projects we need to have done. We have made great progress this past week and I look forward to the next ones! Our custom plugins development has also been making great progress. In the next update, I will provide a sneak peek of the plugins we have in development.

I plan to make small incremental updates each week as necessary. We'll try to add something big with each major update. For example, Minecraft Nations 2.0 will be the deployment of our custom plugins.

The following changes for this update are as follows:

Minecraft Nations 1.1 Changelog

Killing players now will drop their head.

Mob spawner camping is now disabled.

Zombies have been tweaked, the non-integer drops are still persistent and out of our control.

Anti-xray has been installed and tested, players can no longer xray for ores or chests.

Golden apples and enchanted golden apples have been disabled.

Fire resistance potions have been disabled.

Regeneration potions have been disabled.

Poison potions have been disabled.

Loot tables have been tweaked.

Many plugins have been updated and tweaked.

There is now a coliseum at spawn.

There is now a welcome area at spawn.

New events and event schedule (BELOW)

Minecraft Nations 1.1 Event Schedule


- No events, rest day.


- No events, rest day.

Tuesday [starts next week 2/19]

- Trading Event @ 12 PM PST to 6 PM PST, hosted by Felcis


- No events, rest...
Hi everyone,

The World War event on Minecraft Nations this Saturday will be delayed until this Sunday.

My Uncle recently passed away and the entire day Saturday I will be attending the viewing and memorial service, there will be no Admins available that Saturday so I have to delay. In the future when we have our custom Nations plugin this event will be fully automated and will not require an Admin presence to modify server files.

I am very sorry for the short notice and I will see you guys at the event this Sunday.

REPEAT: World War is now at 1 PM PST to 3 PM PST on Sunday the 27th.

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