Luxwander Build Competition

It is time for a Build Competition on

Saturday March 18th @ 12 PM WEST COAST / 2 PM CENTRAL / 3 PM EASTERN / 8 PM LONDON

Use this link to convert to your own timezone: Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator

We'll be hosting a Luxwander Build competition. The winner will be able to choose between a Week of VIP or a Build rank. You don't need to sign up, just show up on the Noble server

@ /warp Luxwander_Builds

You will get your own area on this plot where you can build something with the given theme. The theme will be given a couple minutes before the starting time. The time you get is 1 hour. After that 1 hour, we will judge your builds.

Rules for this Build Competiton :

1.Hacking will get you disqualified and permanently banned.
2.Be respectful.
3.You must claim your prize immediately after the competition or you will forfeit it.
4. Prize list is subject to availability and change.
5. RSVPing on the forum does not guarantee a spot.
6. Staff cannot claim a prize.
7: Players cannot win twice in a row.
8: Please build inside the given area.
9: Do not build Inappropriate things.
10: Follow the General Luxwander rules.
11: World edit is NOT allowed.
12: Teaming up is not allowed.
13: The winner of this competition cannot partake in the next build competition.
14: You have to be under the Build rank of Expert to be able to recieve a Build Rank upon Winning
We're back!

Hi everyone!

We are migrating our Minecraft servers to a new server. If there are any delays I will post an update here, I expect it to take a couple hours.


EDIT 11 AM PT: It will still be a bit.
EDIT 12:30 PM PT: Mostly waiting on the transfer, slower than expected... about 500 gigabytes!
EDIT 5 PM PT: Still working on it!
I am looking to expand our advertising for our community. Finding out how everyone has found us will help me focus my efforts into what works.

How did you find Luxwander?

Example Answers:
  • A Minecraft Server List (please link)
  • Word of Mouth
  • A Youtube Video (please link)
Thanks! I look forward to everyone's replies.

Come congratulate our newest Junior Cartographer!

Introduction (after 3 years)

Welcome to the team! We are looking forward too all your amazing builds!

- The Staff Team
Join us in congratulating our newest Junior Moderator @Oatmeal ! Welcome to the team! We're glad you're here and we know you will do great! :D

No pressure :p

- The Staff Team

Oatmeal's Introduction
Hello everyone,

This is the End of Nations on Luxwander.

We will shut down the Nation's server permanently on February 11th after the World War. We will also turn off all protection @ 12 PM PT on Wednesday. This was a good run for Nations, but we will refocus our efforts to different projects.

A big thanks to all who played and supported us.

Schuttle, @Bella_Nicole , @JackhammerJon
Hi all!

All information regarding our official Conan Exiles PvP server will now be posted at @ Luxwander • /r/Luxwander

This will be our official forum for all our Conan Exiles servers.

Luxwander is reaching new horizons and unexplored territory! We have released our official Luxwander Conan Exiles PvP server. This is our first official launch of a server that isn’t Minecraft related. The game has been an absolute blast and is a refreshing change for open world survival games. I couldn’t wait to share this game with you all and I hope many of you will join us! Our official launch continues to be a great success with 30+ people online throughout the day and yesterday we reached up to 45 online! With rapid growth, we expect to cap out the server soon!

Search for our server in the in-game server-list and join the carnage.
Please also help support us by voting here up to every 12 hours!


For our new community members coming in we have set up our official forums for the server here. We plan to add events and more information there soon. Post to talk about in game events, questions, or even trade! Also, feel free to join our Teamspeak server at Clans on our server may request a free private channel from Schuttle.

Here is the official trailer for Conan Exiles (Warning: Gore):

The game is currently for sale at 20% off for a limited time at with voucher code “DEALZON”, follow the link here to take advantage of it!

We want to congratulate Phoebe_ on getting Moderator. In the time that she was Junior Mod, she moderated and guided players the best she could.

No more Junior...

-Admin Team!


New Christmas Hub! Thanks @Phoebe_, @SanikJenTehFas, @noel479, @TisKing, @Bella_Nicole, @JackhammerJon, and @SneakyNinjaDog for all the hard work!


Thanks everyone and I hope everyone will have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!