Tuesday night update! Please report any bugs you find.

Minecraft Nations Classic

- Additional anti-cheat tuning.

Known Bugs

- Same bugs as v1.03


Thanks everyone!
Tuesday morning update! Please report any bugs you find.

Minecraft Nations Classic

- Reduced mob spawning to reduce server lag and reduce anti-cheat false positives. Server lag combined with client side connection issues was contributing to a number of false positives in anti-cheat kicks.

Known Bugs

- Same bugs as v1.02
- End portal can be used with world edit in Creative servers, reported by @TheMeatyMiner
- Lingering potions work in Creative servers, reported by @truesurvivor9


Thanks everyone!
Saturday morning update! Big thanks to Bella and Tiger for helping me test things out.
Please report any bugs you find!

Minecraft Nations Classic

- Added anti-combat log plugin.
- Added anti-cheat plugin.

Known Bugs in Minecraft Nations Classic

- Anvil naming does not work. I believe it to be related to blocking enchanting.

Known Bugs in Creative

- WorldEdit will give an error if attempting to go past block limit, however, the block limit still works.

Known Bugs in Skyblock

- Eggs are not given from quests.


Thanks everyone!
I will be posting changes to Luxwander more frequently!

With these updates will also include versioning numbers. Changes to the first number 1.X.X will indicate a major release like a new server or major changes. Changes to the latter numbers X.0.1 will indicate a minor release or minor changes. All services are included under Luxwander Updates. I will make clear what service is updated with each Update post.

For simplicity, I will simply start at 1.0.1 and grandfather all releases beforehand to 1.0.0

Minecraft Nations Classic

- Changed time of World War Event. The World War event will now start at 12:00 PM LUX TIME/PT, 3:00 PM ET, 19:00 Hours UTC and end exactly 3 hours later.
- Added clarification on Creating a Nation in the documentation.
- Leaves can no longer be used as a supporting block in pillars.
- Added clarifications about control points and placement.
- Removed Historian requirement of adding books to Novus library.
- Added Lux Time to docs, Lux Time can be found by pressing tab in game. The time is presented on the top left.
- Added Weekly Story due date for historians and clarification of contents.
- Added 1000 word minimum for a Nation's story on their Charter.


Gigaplot Creative rebrand to Royal Creative, on Royal Creative roleplays will no longer be allowed.
Anti-combat logging plugin for Minecraft Nations.
More balance changes or clarifications to the Minecraft Nations documentation as needed.


Thanks everyone!
Will be released tomorrow! ;)
All services including our Website, Teamspeak, and Minecraft Servers will be down for several hours on Tuesday 8/9/2016 at 12 AM PT/3 AM ET/7 AM GMT for scheduled maintenance on our network.

Maintenance complete!

Hi Everyone!

Over the past couple of months there has been a group of people who have continuously bullied a certain individual. We had already met and communicated with this group from the beginning and have had several run ins. Several times, we concluded that the situation was over and differences were put aside. We were wrong. Yesterday was the culmination of these events leading to the outcry. What this group isn’t showing you in their pleas against staff is that they have repeatedly disrespected our decisions and have solely targeted this individual in their efforts to get this individual to leave the community.

This group claims they want change and they want to better the community. That is an admirable goal for anyone. I am happy to see players taking an active role on Luxwander and I strongly encourage players to continue to share their ideas. But, how you try to achieve that goal matters the most. Trying to get your opinions across through bullying is wrong. I do not understand why this group thinks bullying will work and we have pleaded them to stop before and now, yet they continue.

Yesterday, this group was on Teamspeak and they absolutely mocked this individual. Their Teamspeak Usernames and Avatars were changed to bully this individual. The individual was present to see the Username and Avatar changes. They also mocked through voice and text after the individual left the channel. They were even laughing and seemingly having a great time while mocking this individual. This is unacceptable. They think that this individual deserves the bullying and they have not stopped despite our pleas.

This has gone on long enough.
This group is now banned permanently.
We will not tolerate bullying on Luxwander.

Thank you,
Hello, I am JKDeathGod, now that it is summer I want to do something to give the players on Luxwander something to do. So I am hosting a multiple week long build comp. This competition is similar to Bella's competition she held in the winter with the theme of winter. However, this is completely different in every way except that it is all the same but the theme is summer (See what I did there?). Anyways I said that this competition is a multiple week long competition, meaning that you have a few weeks to create your build.

Click continue for more info!
Formerly named Hunger Games, now Survival Games has relaunched!

There are new chest contents and you can now earn coins! For now, the coins can only be used to set bounties. You can earn coins through kills and winning games.

Hope everyone has a great time!