Congratulations to Phoebe_ for her promotion to Trial Moderator!

Phoebe_ has been a staff member with Luxwander for years as a Cartographer, and is now expanding into the moderation field! We are sure she will do great with her new position! Good luck!
Staff plans picture and summons everyone to join in!

Yay it's spring break... for some... maybe you don't have Spring Break yet or at all?

The news is here!

If you would like to play SMITE with me use the following link! The game is a free-to-play MOBA game with a slightly different style. You play gods that battle each other and I think its great fun.
SMITE – Play for Free – Acquisition |
I have been receiving messages on how to connect to the server due to the recent Minecraft 1.9 update. We haven't had a big update in a very long time so this guide will help those who are new to changing their version or need a quick refresher. 

We will not be updating to Minecraft 1.9 yet, however, we do plan to update when plugins are updated and things have stabilized.

Below are three simple steps accompanied with images to help you return to 1.8.9 and back on Luxwander!

Step 1: Open your Minecraft Launcher and click 'Edit Profile" on the bottom left side.

Step 2: Locate the "Use version:" drop down menu and select "release 1.8.9".


Step 3: Click "Save Profile" to save your changes and you will be all ready to play on Luxwander!

Fresh new episode is up and is has exciting EXCLUSIVE NEWS in it....

After a couple of months hard working and helping the players this is a huge step forward for ItsQueen and Aggregation. Because of their hard work,  we are happy to announce that ItsQueen and Aggregation have been promoted to Moderator!!.

We wish you guys good luck with your new rank.