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It is with great honor and with an ear to ear grin that I welcome back Senior Admin Zorredekka out of retirement.



Sublime is our new invitation only server. Sublime is truly vanilla survival; there are no plugins, no protection, and no borders. The experience is complete, mob griefing is turned on and difficulty set to hard. Sublime is Luxwander, but the other servers are not connected. It is an individual experience. It’s Sublime!


Sublime is whitelisted. All players have a chance to be selected or win access. In the future, certain tiers of VIPs will have instant access and will not need to be invited. Currently, staff have instant access to Sublime as thanks for all their hard work.

Staff and invitees may connect using the direct address of Staff also have access from the staff hub.

Staff may recommend invitees, but I will be inviting people to Sublime personally. ​


Sublime’s general ruleset is honor based. Respect people and property on the server. Pointless griefing and stealing is not allowed. However, there is room to be playful.

PVP is on, but only attack others who have agreed to combat. For example, if there is an in-game feud between players, both players may agree before hand to attack each other on sight without warning.

Creative mode is not allowed. Everyone will build and play only in survival mode.

We will be playing by ear for the rules. But, our goal is to keep it simple.


Sublime is simple fun, no frills, but stays faithful to the heart of Minecraft. Sublime is away from Lux, but not far from home. We hope to see you on Sublime!
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Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening everyone!

Today I would like to get your feedback and opinions on some of the new features and systems we will hopefully be bringing to Skyblock in a "Skyblock 2.0" format. Linked in this post is a poll where you can vote on some of the new features / systems that we would like your opinion on as we decide what we go for. Keep in mind that your vote will possibly determine the future of this server. You must also note that everything on this poll is subject to change. 

Link to the poll!
So I made this short news video - aaand depending on how you guys react... it might become a regular thing :emoticon-smiley-25px:

Many, many congratulations to our staff member JKDeathGod, who has achieved the rank of Admin today!

After showing us his loyalty for Luxwander we decided to promote him to the next rank.

We wish you good luck with this new adventure jkd!