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Aug 1, 2018 at 3:54 AM
Dec 7, 2014
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Apr 27, 1996 (Age: 22)
Royal Australian Air Force

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CorrosiveBug (Jacob)

Some Dirt Guy, Male, 22, from Australia

Well, it's been a while since I've been on this forum :> Aug 16, 2016

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Aug 1, 2018
    1. LunaYT
      Woww.. I wonder where you are rn ;o Miss you so much omg ;-;
    2. LunaYT
      Hi, It's me Luna. Long time no see huh? I missed you..
    3. PeachyB
      Jake I've missed you. We lost our streak and I thought you had died oh god.
    4. AgileRich
      Dear gosh I miss you, everyone misses you. You're the greatest and I could use a joke from you right about now.
    5. CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      Well, it's been a while since I've been on this forum :>
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      2. IcyFlameLordMan
        Who are you again?
        Aug 16, 2016
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      3. noel479
        Welcome back! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
        Aug 17, 2016
    6. CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      I'll miss all of you, it's been a pleasure and one hell of a ride. Till next time!
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    7. CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      Probably considering quitting Minecraft, I'm over it along with a lot of things.
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      2. Phoebe_
        Jul 17, 2016
    8. CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      For the few people that Snapchat me, my phone broke. Soz for streaks :>
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      2. Ryelie
        Rip our streak
        Jul 15, 2016
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    9. CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      Oh yus, oh yus... ohh yussssssss
      1. Bella_Nicole
        Uhmm you oke there...
        Jul 14, 2016
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      2. CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
        CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
        Pretty sure, yer!
        Jul 14, 2016
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    10. CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      You guys would not believe, we're gonna continue with the running joke. I found another streamer :>
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      2. Ryelie
        Did you get their number too?
        Jul 8, 2016
      3. CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
        CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
        Some Aussie streamer, the story of us all coming together is pretty rad lmao
        Jul 8, 2016
      4. CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
        CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
        Australian Streamer, I met 2 fabulous people and we started playing LoL together; Came across a streamer and we all went nuts. Ended up playing with her for quite a while and met Disco Heat (Pretty well known Aussie streamer) :D
        Jul 8, 2016
    11. CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      I swear, Josh Wade is my spirit animal.
    12. CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      gloria and mii wer runnen frum bad man orll daye. Wii tri too keel hiim, butt hii wus unkeelible aynd bruke our unkls wyth sord.
      1. Oatmeal
        How unfortunate. You have my sympathy.
        Jul 6, 2016
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    13. CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      No longer a 'Purple wall of Trump', it's clearly a cliff face now.
    14. CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      Happy 4th of July Africa! It's a glorious day to be Swedish. #Australia
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    15. CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      I walk the night through the people on the streets; Oh what I would give to be in your company.
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    16. CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      You're the Obi-Wan Kenobis with the force of audio.
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    17. CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      Someone should order pizza and send it to Australia for me <3
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      2. JediNobesonic
        -orders pizza and sends it to corro-
        Pizza is fab~
        Jul 3, 2016
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    18. CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      That feel when a certain someone doesn't keep the streak on Snapchat and you lose it. Psh
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      2. Ryelie
        *Cough, cough* Lola *Cough, cough*
        Jul 3, 2016
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    19. CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      Interstellar is now my favourite movie (After like 20 times seeing it).
      1. x_Mini_x
        If you had a movie called "Pizza", you'd be all over it within a matter of seconds.
        Jul 2, 2016
    20. CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      CorrosiveBug (Jacob)
      I love seeing the stats here. Some are just plain weird, others are somewhat intimate, whilst others are just random crap :> Best things <3
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    Apr 27, 1996 (Age: 22)
    Royal Australian Air Force
    Well, where do I begin.

    My names Jacob, and I'm from QLD, Australia. I talk a lot, like a lot; Sometimes I don't even stop talking. I'm always up for a laugh and a general chit chat, so feel free to say, "Hey!" whenever. I also tend to go AFK a lot as I get distracted by other things rather easily or I'm just playing League. I'm currently studying to get into the Australian Defence Force (ADF) as an Aviation Technician or a similar job field. So if I ever come across as blunt, rude, or anything like that; It's probably just the stress getting to me, don't take it to heart. There are a lot of things I enjoy doing, such as:

    - Paintball
    - Drawing
    - Going out (If it be with friends, family, by myself)
    - Gaming
    - Sleeping

    Though, my two biggest passions reside with two things completely different, one physical and one audio related. I love my music and pizza more than anything imaginable. Music has aided me through many difficult situations and it continues to do so; It also serves as a tool to help calm myself down or allow me to think out things that may bother me. Now when it comes to pizza, you may think it's the generic 'Guy who loves pizza'; Which isn't entirely wrong. I love literally every type of food but pizza is a food I've made many important friendships over, while eating a slice of pizza; That and it tastes absolutely amazing in every way possible.

    I am a big believer of quotes and I guess I could almost quote Shia here and say, "Just do it". This isn't my favorite quote but it does serve its purpose along side mine.

    "I can't change the direction of the wind,
    but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination"
    Jimmy Dean
    I like this quote because it's simple and it goes straight to the point. Life has its course and you can't change the way it flows, but you can change where it takes you. Moving forward in life is a constant motion for the most part, some parts require you to go backwards but we're always moving forwards. No matter how difficult it may be, you can always change where you land; It comes down to how much you're willing to do for yourself. Which is where Shia's quote comes in, just do it. If you want something done, all you have to do is work towards it.

    There is another three word phrase I hold dearly as I received it from my grade 7 teacher during our graduation into high school.

    "If. Then. So."
    The whole idea behind this is simply as it is. If you do something, then this will happen, so this is the outcome. It's completely obvious and yet it serves as a mental standpoint I can use to evaluate things I'm going to do. I can run ideas through my head to see where things will take me, so I can hope to make the best choices for both myself and the people I care for. These quotes have both been really important to me over the past few years as I've gone through quite a lot. Between parents divorce, moving around a lot, family passing away/getting sick, and being forced into schooling I didn't enjoy, I've pushed myself out of a deep dark pit, hoping never to return. I will always push myself to be happy around others, whilst I am dying on the inside as I've seen what it's like at the bottom of the abyss and I hope that no one ever sees what I've seen; Thus the reason why I will always tell you I'm fine, which is the only lie I will ever tell. I literally put everyone before me, I think very lowly of myself and will generally disregard myself or blame myself even if I wasn't involved. So please be nice, as I will always treat you the way you treat me; If not, even better.

    As a finale to this 'About Me'; I'm an open book. Literally ask me anything and I will answer it to the best of my ability. I also get told that I'm an amazing person to talk to (Not bragging), but in the respect that I listen. So if you ever need help with absolutely anything, personal, embarrassing, whatever; Feel free to chat with me and not a single soul will know unless you tell them.

    I also have practically every type of social media; If you would like any,
    Just ask me!
    My Noble Plot: /warp TheQuietCorner (My Cartographer Application Build)
    My Majestic Plot: /warp BugsHome (This gives you all my warps surrounding that plot)​

    I love:
    -Hanging with friends


    I can't change the direction of the wind,
    but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

    Bugs Out!
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