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Discussion in 'News' started by Schuttle, Jul 28, 2016.

By Schuttle on Jul 28, 2016 at 3:15 PM
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    Hi Everyone!

    Over the past couple of months there has been a group of people who have continuously bullied a certain individual. We had already met and communicated with this group from the beginning and have had several run ins. Several times, we concluded that the situation was over and differences were put aside. We were wrong. Yesterday was the culmination of these events leading to the outcry. What this group isn’t showing you in their pleas against staff is that they have repeatedly disrespected our decisions and have solely targeted this individual in their efforts to get this individual to leave the community.

    This group claims they want change and they want to better the community. That is an admirable goal for anyone. I am happy to see players taking an active role on Luxwander and I strongly encourage players to continue to share their ideas. But, how you try to achieve that goal matters the most. Trying to get your opinions across through bullying is wrong. I do not understand why this group thinks bullying will work and we have pleaded them to stop before and now, yet they continue.

    Yesterday, this group was on Teamspeak and they absolutely mocked this individual. Their Teamspeak Usernames and Avatars were changed to bully this individual. The individual was present to see the Username and Avatar changes. They also mocked through voice and text after the individual left the channel. They were even laughing and seemingly having a great time while mocking this individual. This is unacceptable. They think that this individual deserves the bullying and they have not stopped despite our pleas.

    This has gone on long enough.
    This group is now banned permanently.
    We will not tolerate bullying on Luxwander.

    Thank you,


Discussion in 'News' started by Schuttle, Jul 28, 2016.

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    1. TheCaptorsQueen<3
      oh ;~; there goes all of my friends

      EDIT: Ill never get to speak with MiniMousee again, thanks a lot. You guys can be really soft sometimes ):

      ALSO, I quit a very great, laid back server to come back to this one containing all my old friends. They do a few things wrong and get banned cause what? YOU ARE GROWN MEN/WOMEN! Let kids be kids, yo! You banned almost all of my friends and I know for a FACT I wont ever see them again unless theyre unbanned. This server was great once and Ive played it for over 4 years but this is complete bull.... You should really think before you do. Now, I know youll come witch hunting after me, but you dont understand. Some of the people banned werent ever 18 yet and you ruined the fun they would have here and you also lost people joining your server.

      Haha one more thing. YOu could have muted them instead.
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    2. TheCaptorsQueen<3
      I also realize this was done on Teamspeak and I dont believe you can mute them there but you can just kick them off right? Just have a forums manager to do so. I dont think they did anythign wrong IG so why ban them there? I get that if they got banned on the forums/teamspeak they could do it in game but alternative accounts exist. It wouldnt/will not stop until you succumb to their wishes.
    3. Xmascreeper3
      In reply to TheCaptorsQueen:

      You do not help their case by saying "Succumb to their wishes" and such, in fact, most of what you said just ruins their case, so i recommend you word things properly and do not risk yourself getting banned, thank you.
    4. TheCaptorsQueen<3
      i dont care if I am banned.
    5. Xmascreeper3
      Still, you do not help their case with your wording.
    6. Xmascreeper3
      So somebody sent me this conversation, that involves the whole banning issue. Please do not ban me out of anger or anything, for this is not my own data, I am simply posting information to contribute.

      [12:07:26 AM] Rory: Schuttle if you pride yourself over any degree of people skills at all you must always leave the benefit of the doubt, there were so many crossed emotions between people, teenagers, involved in this and there are justified reasons for so many things, like we said, no one knows anyone's story at the end of the day. There was and still perfectly is, the opportunity to sort this for everyone via one simple thing never done before, look just damn well provide us all some closure ok?! I'm not asking for much or anything complicated, just a skype call between 'my lot' and 'your lot', you stand with nothing to lose and surely despite all of this, you just want to see a peaceful ending? You may keep me banned no matter what, I understand you may see me as 'staff enemy no1' so I'm not going to push for that to chance, but just bloody well give this a chance, if anything whatever happens it will be interesting and you know how powerful common decency is when it finally appears at the end of the day.
      [12:08:34 AM] Schuttle Sierota: It's over.
      [12:10:02 AM] Schuttle Sierota: For the record, I have nothing personally against you.
      [12:10:28 AM] Schuttle Sierota: But it's time you and the others parted from Luxwander for good.
      [12:13:39 AM] Rory: You really didn't have to finish it off like this..
      [12:27:14 AM] Rory: Your one track mindedness, logic, intelligence and refusal to even process an alternative way round things won't help you and it just doesn't make any sense...And incase the words just wash over as they appear to, here's a piccy.
      [12:27:33 AM] Rory blocked Schuttle Sierota

      I await your response, staff.
    7. Schuttle
      It's over.

      I think my response and his reply speak for itself.
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    8. Xmascreeper3
      Indeed it does! But the question is, in what way?
    9. Wish4Life
      I will miss all of my friends who were banned but I do believe that staff did take necessary action towards this issue. As I type this message I realize some others may not see it that way. I do hope none of the people who were banned see this and think I am not a bad person and that I am turning against them.
    10. Bella_Nicole
      I would like to add this to address bullying.

      "Bullying has caused so much damage over the years. It has caused depression and even suicides. To bully is to show cowardice. A bully puts others down, usually with their words and actions, judging them. Sadly, this only reveals who the bully is: a person who puts others down to feel better about themselves. Bullying can destroy a person emotionally. It is foolish and dangerous. If you are a victim of bullying, don't keep it a secret. Get help. You deserve to know just how many people have been in your situation and are on your side of the battle".

      If you are getting bullied. on the server, forum, Teamspeak or in your every day life. The come towards us so we can talk. You are never alone and we can listen and give you advise.
    11. HeadphoneGirly
      It just does seem a little harsh to me that they'd get banned forever, from something lots of these people have made part of their everyday life. Most of these people were quite young, they get carried away when they get upset about something. Just banning them forever like that, from something they love and worked hard on (Even paid money to in some cases)... Seems so excessive, when having a serious conversation with them, like a parent or someone would, probably would sort it out better than this.
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    12. SneakyNinjaDog
      I am sorry to see that it has come to this.
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    13. GloriaCarter'sPotato
      This is extremely unfortunate, I knew these individuals and I was present at times where they were creating problems for different individuals (I feel terrible for not reporting these events right away). And while I am sad like many others are because of the outcome, it was well deserved. Yes they are our friends, but bullies need to be punished, and this constant torment on one poor individual was disgusting, and the punishment is well deserved. I really hope I don't sound mean, but this is the right decision.
      I also strongly hope that this individual can return to Luxwander feeling safer knowing they won't be harassed any longer.
    14. GloriaCarter'sPotato
      I feel for you, friends that you might never see again? I know that feeling. It's happened many times. But your friends were bullies, plain and simple. And the fact that they bullied this one individual constantly is unacceptable, and muting your friends wouldn't have taught them the lesson they needed to learn. And also "Let kids be kids yo" No. Bullying others and making a mockery of someone is not something kids should be doing. This punishment will hopefully teach them that bullying is WRONG and letting them off because "they're just kids" is not a valid excuse.
      I know I sound mean and angry, and I deeply apologise if it feels like I'm trying to hurt you, but it's the truth. They deserved the punishment they got.
    15. Casper_vdM
      I am so sorry to hear this. Alot of my friends were part of the group, I have never understood why anyone hated on this individual. But I really thought it wasnt ment in this way, I should have reported on time, and stopped this. However I do feel like that group was the thing which kept Luxwander alive. They've spended everyday on this server, rping, building, talking. They spend money on this server for VIP, effort. They are really nice people, but ofcourse I have no idea why the hate on this individual was there. I really hope this permanent ban can be appealable, I know everyone which got banned did something ones in a while, but some people didnt even know about what happened on teamspeak. Untill they 'logged on' this morning, of course I cant say that they didnt do anything.. They should have thought enough is enough. And still, I dont know for how long this has been going on, but they continued.
      So much friends are getting banned lately, can it please stop.
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    16. Zorredekka
      "We had already met and communicated with this group from the beginning and have had several run ins. Several times, we concluded that the situation was over and differences were put aside."

      We tried to have a serious conversation with them, on more than one occasion, and they lead us to believe that they would stop. They didn't, this happened after months of broken agreements with them.
    17. Pasta-chan (Doof)
      Pasta-chan (Doof)
      This situation of false bannings kind of ties into the old Issues thread, does it not? That thread was deleted for no reason, and mainly centered around how people were being banned for no good reason by mods

      I have a few sneaky suspicions...
    18. Zorredekka

      We take this accusation and resulting punishments towards the affected players very seriously and have laid out the events as they happened.
      All we wanted for this was to be over, months of failed negotiations lead to this. If you still believe we are wrong, go ahead, but we don't tolerate the clear bullying that members of the community here agree WAS happening.
    19. Xmascreeper3
      I was apart of the whole "Staff Issues Movement" thing, but heck, I didn't expect the people to bully this individual! Though, I do not believe some of the people banned had anything to do with the bullying but that doesn't mean they're ALL innocent.
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