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Discussion in 'News' started by Schuttle, Feb 7, 2017.

By Schuttle on Feb 7, 2017 at 12:35 PM
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    Hello everyone,

    This is the End of Nations on Luxwander.

    We will shut down the Nation's server permanently on February 11th after the World War. We will also turn off all protection @ 12 PM PT on Wednesday. This was a good run for Nations, but we will refocus our efforts to different projects.

    A big thanks to all who played and supported us.

    Schuttle, @Bella_Nicole , @JackhammerJon


Discussion in 'News' started by Schuttle, Feb 7, 2017.

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    1. FrenchBread147
      I am very disappointed. We offered lots of suggestions to improve Nations and retain more players, but in the end instead of adapting
      you just gave up on us...
    2. Phantom_Creation
      Of course the players that don't play will "like" these horrible news.
    3. IcyFlameLordMan
      Be more transparent. Why is it closing? What are these projects?
    4. Zorredekka
      I know I didn't "like" the news because it was bad, or because it had anything to do with Nations. I like it because I support Schuttle and the decisions he makes for his community.

      Yes it sucks that Nations is closed, but projects are being worked on, I assure you. Many of them I probably don't even know about since I'm no longer senior staff. But I have faith that new and exciting things are around the corner.

      So I think it is time we were more thankful for the work and nights that Schuttle did put in for you to enjoy yourselves than to complain about actions that were not taken.
    5. IcyFlameLordMan
      So he worked on this server for what? 2 years? And it only lasting 6 months seems like a waste of his time and our time.
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    6. Phantom_Creation
      I will support actions that I agree with. I will also support transparent actions. Luxwander prides upon itself that community is important to it which I believe has been true. But, the community at this time has been disenchanted with the lack of transparency present in the oligarchy that is senior staff. The groups og players that are disenchanted includes members of SBA, Atlas, and Tri-Force. If Schuttle is working on projects on his own time for Luxwander, tell us and we will support his actions because then we'll know that we're not being neglected. The job now of staff is to improve popular opinion, because it's extremely poor at this time.
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    7. Phantom_Creation
    8. rbert125
      Ah, great birthday news...
    9. rbert125
      I miss when there were tons of people on Luxwander. There was always people in the old Hunger Games, it was simple. The old Vanilla Bean, the one before the restart had so many unique builds, and attracted so many "tourists" and new builders. It was great with no restrictions, free teleportation...nice and fun. And factions...oh boy...what an experience. As difficult as it was, it was also unique and fun. These and many others were wonderful components made it THE place to be. Not my place to provide suggestions or even forward suggestions to Schuttle and the other Administrators, but the addition of "correct settings" and perfection takes the fun out of Minecraft and the congregation of players in a fun, collaborative Minecraft. I am just referencing the past. Maybe it is not good to linger in it, but it sure was more fun. I stay active on the forums daily... but only occasionally, every few months do I get onto the server just to look around to see what has changed for the good, and the bad. I have had these feelings increasingly true for a while, and I just needed to say it.
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    10. SneakyNinjaDog
      I have only played a tiny amount of Nations. But just because I don't play doesn't mean that I like that it is ending. It is clear from the posts here that some people feel really passionate about it - which is great!

      Like Zorredekka however I believe that Schuttle has his reasons and that new and even better stuff will come to replace it. Appearently there were some issues w Nations, maybe they were the reason for it ending...

      One thing I will say, if you made some ideas on how to improve Nations, and wonder why Schuttle didn't just do as you suggested the reason is most likely that Schuttle is restricted by how the plugins work. Lux does not have any coders that can make new or alter existing plugins. So even simple stuff may be beyond our abilities.

      But Lux still has a lot to offer and it is free and there are no pay-to-win elements anywhere on the server and people are generally nice! So I hope that you guys will still stick around and see what the future will bring, even if you are sad about the end of the gamemode you liked.
    11. rbert125
      Great points. I agree. I know many changes in the past have been implemented because of plugin/bug issues. These implementations fixed server/tech issues, but may have taken some of the fun away. :/ Although we may not be able to go back, the future has some great opportunities for the network, I'm sure! They just need to be implemented with fun in consideration, rather than just bug fixes that may draw people away. I'm no coder or expert on plugins, but I have faith in the staff that they will fix things, and I'm glad to give my input if needed.
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    12. Phantom_Creation
      Sneaky, we weren't requesting difficult changes that will make Schuttle code new mobs or gameplay elements. Just simple things such as adding a starter kit for new players because we experienced A LOT OF PLAYER LOSS because some players would join in, starve to death, and then leave. This constantly happened. Nations players are going to assume now that there will be a replacement for Nations or a map reset, because that is the only thing that will keep us here.
    13. mrduckdeer
      Yah no one is staying around unless a replacement is implemented in the next 3 weeks.
    14. Attacker127
    15. IcyFlameLordMan
      So I guess the worldguard isn't going down
    16. Attacker127
      I know I don't play Nations too often, but here are my thoughts.

      This just shows what kind of people are running this server. Sure, Nations had a few glitches, bugs, and overall inconsistencies, but these could have easily been fixed. Players politely offered countless ways to fix this, and what did the management do? They did not listen. They acted as if they didn't even care. Instead of keeping possibly the last good game-mode and chance for growth this server had, they canceled it.
      So another thing; Nations required little work, management could've easily walked away and the Nations community would've played on, without assistance from staff or anyone else.
      Does this circumstance remind you of anything?
      Oh yeah, Gigaplot.
      Gigaplot is still running, although no one plays on it. No one cares about Gigaplot. Gigaplot brings NOONE to Lux.
      So I ask you; Was was the great and popular Nations server taken down, while a game averaging 0-1 players a day (Gigaplot) is still running?
      Its the same problem with Sublime. Why is it still running? Why is it a priority over Nations?
      It makes absolutely no sense.
      If the Luxwander server doesn't bring something good back to the server, I'm done.
      This is their last chance.
      (No hate to staff team)
      (You know who you are Management. Fix this)
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    17. Polaris_Wolf
      It is sad how a game that took so long to create was removed. All the work of the builders who created the nations etc, gone. I never fully played nations - I just ran around exploring - but just looking at pictures of nations made me think that nations was going to be a great thing. While I do agree with people here, that simple bugs could have been fixed if staff tried, I do have to agree with the staff as well. There are some things that can not be fixed without a developer, and developers are not as easy to find as you'd think. Many people who are developers also tend to stay quiet, too. They usually stray towards bigger servers rather than being on smaller servers such as Luxwander. Though it would have been nice to see Nations get some more work on it rather than thrown away, we may be seeing something much bigger in the future!
    18. Attacker127
      And ya'll say I'm inactive ^
    19. Schuttle
      To clarify, there will not be a Factions server or a Nations replacement server on Luxwander.
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    20. SneakyNinjaDog
      Here is hoping for a "Loveboat" rp server....

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