How did you find Luxwander?

Discussion in 'News' started by Schuttle, Feb 18, 2017.

By Schuttle on Feb 18, 2017 at 3:48 PM
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    I am looking to expand our advertising for our community. Finding out how everyone has found us will help me focus my efforts into what works.

    How did you find Luxwander?

    Example Answers:
    • A Minecraft Server List (please link)
    • Word of Mouth
    • A Youtube Video (please link)
    Thanks! I look forward to everyone's replies.



Discussion in 'News' started by Schuttle, Feb 18, 2017.

    1. rbert125
      Planet Minecraft. Luxwander was the first and only server I have ever played on continuously for 4 years. I have only ever visited two or three other servers a few times.

      On, Luxwander jumped out at me because of the uniqueness of the graphic image. The word "Luxwander" was very unique, unlike all the others. Also, the deep purple tone of the graphic was unique from the other server's graphics.

      As for the description, it gave me sense of warming; emphasis on the "community" and holistic charm. Not too big, not too small (minus creative when it's always busy).

      Mind you, this is all what I felt and read prior to even visiting the server for the first time. Once I did visit, people immediately welcomed me in, offered me tours and helped me get set up. I felt at home.
    2. britishvampire
      Minecraft forums in 2011 when we were looking for a clan based server and came across minecraft nations.
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    3. thelostkid22
      My friend recommended it to me, saying I absolutely HAD to go on. So I did and I was expecting it to be like all the other servers I had gone on, where the plots were extremely small, but the plots on Lux are huge and the people were so nice so I just kept playing. :) And idk where she found it.
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    4. funcraft467
      I don't exactly remember how I found it, I think it was on some minecraft server list. All I remember is searching servers that had super large creative plots so that Kay and I could create a huge town plot:)
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    5. CassieMinecraft
      I was looking at building ideas on google images and then a photo of a grass block with the Luxwander info on it came outa' no where xD
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    6. Aggregation
      Found it a long long time ago after the current factions server I played on had shut down. A friend and I had looked through and we found Luxwander.
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    7. CrazySunshine
      My friend was all like "Omg there's this server that I used to play on but then I rage quit for a while, but let's try it anyway!" And then I was all like "omg yass" and then she was like "yassssss gurl omg you gon luv it" and we went on Luxwander. And then after a few months I got tired of mc so I let her have my account but I was still all like "guuuuurrllll, you betta keep me updated on what's happening on lux" and she was all "sure thing guuuurrrrrrlllll".
      But sometimes she makes me come on. Like yesterday she made me come on to save her butt from dyin on VB. And then I left right after that.
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    8. Dragon Fire
      Dragon Fire
      I found it by typing in the search bar
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    9. Zildjian52886
      I found Luxwander when entering a google search for creative servers and once I searched it I found a link to the forum with the ip address.
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    10. SirStarky
      I looked up large plot creative servers, and here I am.
    11. SneakyNinjaDog
      This is why we have so many creative people - they all came here for the creative server part :)
    12. SneakyNinjaDog
      Thats awesome! I told her she needs to make more cooking vids :D
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    13. Bella_Nicole

      Wow How cool!! I feel so honored :p
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    14. Phantom_Creation
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    15. MckennaXD
      I was like 13.. Was looking for the freshest meme on the planet and then I found luxwander on a forum thing.. <3 xD
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    16. LunaYT
      Luxwander was the first server I've ever played in Minecraft. When first I got Minecraft, I searched on google, "Minecraft servers" and I found an IP ""
      And also.. that time I was named "guesz"
      And I was very young and childish.. if you know my imformation I get banned a lot and muted a lot because people warned me to stop "spamming" and other stuff.. um.. I actually did not know what they mean until I get this new account... XD

      So yeah, that is also how I learned English too! Because of Luxwander! (Thankyou!)
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    17. noel479
      [QUOTE="So yeah, that is also how I learned English too! Because of Luxwander! (Thankyou!)[/QUOTE]
      Oh my word, that is amazing, congratz! :D
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    18. Dominick_
      I played the original server, I think it was called Creative Craft or something like that. Lol.
    19. Casper_vdM
      My friend showed me this server :)
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    20. SneakyNinjaDog
      Friends are great :)

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