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    Hello Luxwander Community!

    The report section of the forums is quite a heroic spot, as players may anonymously report players that have broken the rules when staff are not online; thus we staff can do our best at keeping the community a better place for all audiences!

    However, some times we unfortunately have to deny a report if it does not show enough evidence, and most of this sprouts from VIP reports. When a VIP breaks the rules and is reported for it, we need to ensure that the player is reported, not their nickname. By this I mean we need proof that their username is in the screenshot, not just their nickname. It's also common sense to know that we also have to deny reports that may say someone broke the rules, yet not show evidence.

    So without further ado, if you do not know how to make a proper report for a VIP, let me show you the two ways (one or the other needs to be included in the screenshots):

    1: Hover over their nickname.
    When reporting a VIP, simply hovering over their name (like shown below) will work as a valid form of the player authentication.

    2: Using /realname
    After the VIP has broken a rule, you can also type /realname [VIP nickname] and their real username will be displayed.

    Typing up the command:
    After entering the command:

    Hopefully this clears any confusion!
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    Now I know how to report myself :D
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