I love the 90s!

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    This will most likely be more fitting for people who lived through the 90s. I was thinking the other day about what for games, movies, music and other products we had during the 90s. How different things are now.

    How about the Saturday morning cartoons that were actually worth getting up early for. The Ren & Stimpy show, Tazmania, Rugrats, Beavis and butthead, rocko's modern life and many more.

    Or the Fashion in clothes. High jeans with a belly button t-shirt or the colourfull jackets. Myself wore a lot of Fleece jackets.

    Or the good old Landliner telephones / fixed phones.
    (Mobile phones are a godsend, but I wish they didn't have to bury the good old ones so much...) with the old dial phones that my grandmother had. Turn 3, turn 7, turn 5.... it took ages to actual call a person and when you made a mistake you had to start all over again...

    Pfff and those Rollerblades. How many times i heard my mum scream."Go slow" i cant remember how many times i fell and scraped my knees because i was to stubborn to put on knee pads.

    Of course the Video gaming era; Sega Mega Drive, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo Game & Watch, PlayStation...And a few awesome PC games. I played a fair share of Duke and The old Dungeon keeper. Loved it when my mum played Lara Croft:Tomb raider. How she yelled and never could go through a high level.

    With the introduction of internet we could open a whole new world. Ughhh i remember the old long dial tone to connect or that it was cheaper on the internet after 7pm. And as last the floppy disc.... o-FLOPPY-DISK-570.jpg

    Aaah the old VHS. Sadly the downsides were if the tape got stuck, you were kinda screwed.. Watching Titanic, matrix, The mask, Disney's The Lion King and of course Space Jam. Disney classic animation generally. The '90's was Disney's golden era in animation.

    We had the Virtual pets (tamagotchi), Super Soaker water guns. And lots more.

    Awesome tv-shows such as The Simpsons, The X-Files, Twin Peaks, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel TVS (Buffy's spinn-off), Friends, That '70's Show, Ally McBeal...

    Music being played through a cassett tape...

    Several candies that aren't made anymore or they've changed them so that they don't taste the same anymore.

    Just generally the atmosphere and feel of the decade. (Given that I looked at the world through the eyes of a child. So I don't know if it really was as lovely decade as I experienced it

    Now i wonder what you guys remember from the 90s. You may not even been born then or have heard or seen their parents with some 90s stuff.

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    I think people tend to form there preferrences in terms of music and fashion etc during their late teen lives. And even though we continue to add new stuff to our catalogue of likes, we will always have a soft spot for the stuff from back then, be they films, cartoons, music or whatever.

    Being slightly older my favorite old stuff is from the 80's.

    My first big find back then was Depeche Mode that came out with their first album Speak and Spell in 1981. It was on hard rotation back then, most likely to the dismay of my parents. I still listen fondly to that album to this day.

    I remember Disneys Duck Tales (87) but seriously - in my country back then, cartoons were in real short supply. We had 1 ... count them ... 1 TV channel i Denmark. And depending on your location and antenna you might pick up sweedish television (they had 2 channels) or in the other end of the country german (dont really know what they had back then).

    So w 1 channel that barely showed ANY cartoons it was a real ONCE a year at Christmas when they would show a Disney holiday special clip show. That was a MAJOR event if you were a kid. When I was a kid there was no such thing as saturday morning cartoons i Denmark, that only came later.

    Another big thing was when VHS came about as Bella mentions. The first machines were really big and clunky and cost a fortune. But you would rent the machine as well as the movie from the Blockbuster equivalent (actual Blockbusters would not be there for another 10 years).

    Without the internet the way you could tell if a movie was any good was from simply looking at the VHS cover and back. Did they show actual pictures from the movie or was the cover art a drawing? Did it sound good? Was there anyone in it you knew? In the end my friends and I would eventually watch everything the videostore had on its shelves (almost) and the search went on to other spots to see if the had a different selection.

    Also worth noting - no commercials in tv meant no trailers... so the only way to see trailers was to go to the cinema. Thus there was real excitement to watch the trailers (unlike now where they are just annoying timewasters that keep you from seeing the feature).

    Like Bella I also had rollerskates... skateboards came later. When I got my first walkman the world changed! Walking outside with music filling my ears was downright magical. Oh yeah floppy disks... and the ones before that...


    For my first computer - the Commodore Vic 20 (20 because it had 20K total memory) had a casette deck for storing games. It would scramble the screen while loading because it sped up time :)

    Wizard of Vor was a favorite game among my friends!


    I could go on... it boggles the mind how different things are today - and if you young people want to understand things you may benefit from taking a step back and see that you did not always have a smartphone to tell you how to get from A to B, you once had to remember all phonenumbers, news was once mostly read in newspapers, music costed money and you rarely got to see big movies and sometimes it would be as much as a year later if you did not live in the United States.

    Oh and by the way... this guy was top animation and the closest we got to cartoons many a day back then.

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    Indeed, that was a truly fascinating era. Sometimes I miss all those fashion and music :)
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