Luxwander 2.1: Server Resets and Changes

Discussion in 'News' started by Schuttle, Sep 8, 2017.

By Schuttle on Sep 8, 2017 at 9:51 AM
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    Hello everyone!

    In about 2 weeks we will reset the maps of Vanillabean and Skyblock. A clean slate will help revitalize Vanillabean and Skyblock for new and old players. We will also permanently shutdown Gigaplot. The shutdown of Gigaplot will help consolidate the creative population and will help new players focus on populated servers.

    In the coming weeks more changes will be happening on Luxwander and we will keep everyone informed.

    If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reply to this thread.

    Schuttle and the Luxwander Team
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Discussion in 'News' started by Schuttle, Sep 8, 2017.

    1. Davros63
      Have the problems with the skyblock challenges not giving rewards been fixed?
    2. Schuttle
      They should be resolved after the reset and update.
    3. OhEmJee
      Oh, this is exactly what I've been waiting for. Thanks!
    4. Zildjian52886
      Yes, it will kind of be sad to say goodbye to my old creations, but I am looking forward to the fresh start.
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    5. ALadleBitOfSoup
    6. Ally__Girl
      Is there anyway to save what I have built on Gigaplot? Or any of the other servers?
    7. Salkroth
      World downloader mods are great for saving builds because they only save the chunks you are in and not the whole map, you will also want to open all chests, dispensers, etc. you want saved or the contents will not be saved.

      Mind you, you will have to use some sort of schematic type software after to import the builds to any playable map you want, but this is all done client side and none of this can be done by the staff.
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    8. Ally__Girl
      Any suggestions for world downloader mods?
    9. Salkroth
      Not personally, the ones I have used before are way outdated and I haven't used any since minecraft version 1.8 so I don't know what ones are still around now.

      But a simple google search for "minecraft world downloader mod" should provide a few options and plenty of help to install those mods.
    10. Zildjian52886
      I just made a video or got footage of my base and work and took a ton of screenshots so I should be able to recreate my base if I ever wanted to, not that I would...stay tuned for some uploads hopefully in the future.
    11. Cupcakeman120
      Sad and Happy at the same time.
      at least noble didn't reset or seriously
    12. Ally__Girl
      So the shutdown of Giga is just to pretty much force people to use either Noble or Majestic, and make everyone interact more?
      Not because there were issues or people demanded too many changes?
      Or because it was too filled with civilization and didn't have room for new players, bases, etc?
      I'm kind of confused here because personally I think that it is a mistake to get rid of a whole server with what I see as not a real reason or issue. I am certain that an about-to-be-banned player whose opinion is valued by no one and hated by many will change the mind of nobody, so I won't continue.
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    13. Redeagle3
      will majestic ever be reset? i dont want it to just asking
    14. Emmy
      I'll miss Vanillabean 2.0, many good memories made there with old friends of mine.
    15. Ally__Girl
      Thank you very much for answering my questions.
      (In case you couldn't tell, that's sarcasm)
    16. OhEmJee
      Since you INSIST on us answering you...
      It USED to be a good idea: a creative game mode where instead of a creative inventory there was a command similar to /give, /i. Now, it's just a Noble copy. It's redundant.

      Also why are you complaining about sorting everyone into two servers rather than three? I, myself, go on Lux largely for the social interaction (or, perhaps, lack thereof) so this'd be nice for players like me.
    17. Ally__Girl
      Well if you're going to setup a server, have people put hard work into this new thing, you shouldn't just shut it down to force people to interact.
      And those questions didn't look rhetorical to me.
    18. Schuttle
      I understand you are upset about the shutdown. The choices we are making have big short term consequences (losing a server/or losing builds) but will hopefully help more in the long term (motivate players to return/help with growth on servers). And to answer your questions directly, the primary reason for the Gigaplot shutdown is to motivate players to move to the other creative servers as I mentioned in the original post.

      I'm sorry the decisions we are making aren't what you would like to see, but we are making decisions for the long term viability of Luxwander. I know we will step on some toes trying to accomplish our goals and I know many people will disagree with our methods. That is okay.

      What kind of changes would you like to see on Luxwander?
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    19. Salkroth
      I will just toss this in here;
      This is an image of Vanillabean (assuming I uploaded it correctly) it's a screenshot of the map I have put together with my minimap mod, it's not a complete picture and actually only shows a very small amount of the map, what is shown is the north-west area around spawn (spawn being that square area surrounded by water)
      If you want a scale for the map, each square is a chunk (16x16)

      As you can see there are a ton of random builds all over the map, 99% of those builds are claimed by players that do not play anymore and thus are just wasted space and sometimes eyesores or even dangerous.

      Although I will miss a few of my old builds, I am personally quite looking forward to a fresh start and all the new blocks that come with an updated server.

      And for those who are wondering, endgate will not die with the map reset, I have plans to rebuild and it will be better than ever!

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