Luxwander 2.1: Server Resets and Changes

Discussion in 'News' started by Schuttle, Sep 8, 2017.

By Schuttle on Sep 8, 2017 at 9:51 AM
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    Hello everyone!

    In about 2 weeks we will reset the maps of Vanillabean and Skyblock. A clean slate will help revitalize Vanillabean and Skyblock for new and old players. We will also permanently shutdown Gigaplot. The shutdown of Gigaplot will help consolidate the creative population and will help new players focus on populated servers.

    In the coming weeks more changes will be happening on Luxwander and we will keep everyone informed.

    If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reply to this thread.

    Schuttle and the Luxwander Team
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Discussion in 'News' started by Schuttle, Sep 8, 2017.

    1. Ally__Girl
      Originally, there were no changes that I would have made. If I could change what has already happened, I wouldn't have shut down Nations. I would also rather have the staff look into more options instead of going on what I call "banning sprees" where you guys ban a bunch of people. Most of the time I agreed with the bans, but by banning those active players and some of the most well-known, you lose others. Yes, most of them deserved it, but you're just killing off some players, that were, as I said, very active and well-known. There might have been better solutions.
      A change that I would still like to see is a change in staff. I remember I got really mad about all this new staff, so I asked some other staff, and they said it was because the retiring staff or whatever would recommend new staff. Personally, I think that is a terrible idea. You guys probably look into if the player is qualified to be staff, but, let's be real here, you're not considering making them staff because you think they deserve it, only because someone recommended them. If you need more staff, let people apply, don't just ask for opinions from old staff.
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    2. Ally__Girl
      And I had one more thing that I forgot to add to my above response, so I went to edit it, and when I finished editing, it told me the time limit to edit it has expired. That's annoying. Because 1. you should change the time limit to more than ten minutes, and 2. if it's still going to tell you that, if should at least let you see what you would have changed it to say, so that you can take that and add it in a separate message. Freaking love this system.
      And the thing I had wanted to add was that another great change would be to be more detailed in the message that tells a player they're banned. Something about how I had to bug a lot of staff to get details on why I was banned. And some other thing about how you should notify all of that player's accounts to tell them they are somehow being punished, so they won't get banned again a minute after they joined and just be really confused. Y'all probably gonna be like "Well Ally, you need to stop pretending that you don't know what you did." Like really, y'all hilarious. You ban me for some random thing that I don't even remember at this point (but I probably didn't do it or it was a misunderstanding), and so, unknowingly I join with another account and VOILÁ! Guess who's banned for avoiding a ban they didn't know existed!
    3. Ally__Girl
      I'm complaining about it because
      1. If this were before I put a crap ton of work into it, I wouldn't give an oxeye daisy.
      2. And I always avoided Majestic because it was full of roleplays etc, and I wanted two separate plots for redstone and building. And frankly I don't want to hear about what Florence said to Gertrude when Harold gave her a speed stick.
      And so I used Noble and Gigaplot. I think we benefit from more servers because if you want to be social, you use a server with other people. And if you're like me, you avoid everyone else because you don't want to hear about how Johnny got a stack of diamonds for giving Bertha a sunflower. I prefer to use the servers with no one on, so I can build in peace, and my chat won't be filled with useless gossip about Ida's unicorn. As you can clearly tell, I did NOT use the creative servers for loitering around with Frank, Winnie, Bronwyn, Nellie, and Donald. For all I care, Marjorie could be giving away free dragons. I still would avoid the most populated servers.
    4. Teraxus
      We have a School projekt of building a city in Minecraft. We chose to build our city on Gigaplot, but we were not aware of the fact that Gigaplot is shutting down. Is there any way to save what we when built?
    5. Davros63
      Install Liteloader and World downloader to copy what you have built into a local single player world.
    6. Davros63
    7. FrenchBread147
      Damn, where were you when Nations was ending? Wish I had a copy of that map.
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    8. Teraxus
      Oh my god thank you so much.
    9. Salkroth
      Keep in mind that these World downloader mods do NOT copy the entire map but rather just the areas you are in, you need to actually walk around your build area to make sure its all copied and also make sure you open any chests and other containers like dispensers or those contents will not be saved.
    10. 2003magnus
      Then its time to fight for the skyblock leaderboard again! I must stay on there Hehe... xD but its exiting to see some change happend, can't wait for the reset!
    11. ALadleBitOfSoup
      Is there an actual date set for the reset? It's been 3 weeks since this post was made?
    12. Schuttle
      I'm aiming for this week before the weekend.
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    13. Schuttle
      Hey guys, moving took a lot more time than expected. We will finish this next week! Sorry for the wait!
    14. Meer(TheNinjaMeerkat)
      I know I've been really inactive but I've stil checked the forums occasionaly why is this only popping up now... wierd, well I'm excited!
    15. 2003magnus
      I know it has been asked a bunch of times before, and I'm sorry that I'm also asking the question xD But when will SB (Skyblock) reset?

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