Luxwander Meetup: PAX East 2017

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By Schuttle on Sep 13, 2016 at 4:48 PM
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    Zorredekka, Iva, and I and others have met up at different PAXes for the past several years. We have had an amazing time. We want others to join the fun! If you plan to join us or have any questions at all, reply here.
    I can also assist with getting tickets or hotel arrangements sorted out if necessary when the time comes.
    Big hooray to Garret joining us at PAX West 2016! We hope more and more people join us each year!

    Steps to PAX East!

    1. Book your flight early to get the best price.

    2. Buy your tickets as soon as they are available to get market price. Buying after the initial sale will be much more expensive.

    3. Buy your discounted hotel through PAX and/or arrange to share a room with friends. AirBnB and staying with friends who live in Boston are also great options.

    4. Sit back and relax! You are all set for PAX! We will see you there!

    First Time PAX Goer FAQ

    What is PAX East? PAX East - Boston, MA April 22-24, 2016 (ignore old date) (There is also plenty of youtube videos to look up if you have a youtuber or twitch steamer you adore; they have probably been to PAX East!)

    Where is PAX East? It is hosted at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in Boston.

    When is PAX East? For 2017, it is RUMORED to be sometime in March. I will update this when an official announcement is made.

    When do the tickets go on sale? Usually around September to November the time varies each year and they usually sell out completely in less than an hour. If you miss the official sale, you can always buy tickets aftermarket on eBay. I have done this myself a couple times to help out friends and have always had good results ordering there.

    Does PAX Provide discounted hotels for attendees? Yes! PAX works with nearby hotels to provide heavily discounted rates. They are on average 200$ per night and room. Discounted hotel registration are released when tickets are released. Discounted hotel registration can be found here when they are released: (the current link is out of date and for the old PAX)

    How much does it usually cost? Expect to run over a couple hundred dollars, costs include a round trip flight, hotel, tickets, and extra for food and souvenirs. Taking advantage of the discounted hotels provided by PAX and sharing that hotel room with a couple friends is recommended to lower costs. Better room rates may also be found using AirBnB or maybe even free if you can crash with friends who live in Seattle.

    Join us!

    Why go to PAX East? You'll get to meet Iva, Zorredekka, and I and others in person!

    And experience shenanigans like this first hand!

    Let me know if you have any questions about PAX! I'm glad to help!

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Discussion in 'News' started by Schuttle, Sep 13, 2016.

    1. IcyFlameLordMan
      Huh I could go I have the money for it. Hmmmm....
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    2. Aggregation
      I may be attending Pax East with a friend. We'll see what happens.
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    3. joleymoleyhunt
      Ya see, I would go but tickets are like £800 and I cant even
    4. Schuttle
      Maybe there will be a PAX there one day!
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    5. YapCap
      I don't really like leaving my state.

      Or my house.
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    6. YapCap
      idk why I quoted this ;o
    7. Attacker127
      Hey, i know this is a little late, but what would you say the general age requirement is for PAX?
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    8. Schuttle
      Officially, PAX East does not have any age restrictions. Source: PAX East - Boston, MA April 22-24, 2016
    9. Attacker127
      I didnt mean that (my apologies for miscomunication) I meant like... What would you personally say from experience the general age is in PAX goers?

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