Luxwander Update: v1.0.1

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By Schuttle on Aug 24, 2016 at 3:07 PM
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    I will be posting changes to Luxwander more frequently!

    With these updates will also include versioning numbers. Changes to the first number 1.X.X will indicate a major release like a new server or major changes. Changes to the latter numbers X.0.1 will indicate a minor release or minor changes. All services are included under Luxwander Updates. I will make clear what service is updated with each Update post.

    For simplicity, I will simply start at 1.0.1 and grandfather all releases beforehand to 1.0.0

    Minecraft Nations Classic

    - Changed time of World War Event. The World War event will now start at 12:00 PM LUX TIME/PT, 3:00 PM ET, 19:00 Hours UTC and end exactly 3 hours later.
    - Added clarification on Creating a Nation in the documentation.
    - Leaves can no longer be used as a supporting block in pillars.
    - Added clarifications about control points and placement.
    - Removed Historian requirement of adding books to Novus library.
    - Added Lux Time to docs, Lux Time can be found by pressing tab in game. The time is presented on the top left.
    - Added Weekly Story due date for historians and clarification of contents.
    - Added 1000 word minimum for a Nation's story on their Charter.


    Gigaplot Creative rebrand to Royal Creative, on Royal Creative roleplays will no longer be allowed.
    Anti-combat logging plugin for Minecraft Nations.
    More balance changes or clarifications to the Minecraft Nations documentation as needed.


    Thanks everyone!


Discussion in 'News' started by Schuttle, Aug 24, 2016.

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