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    EDIT: I'll be updating the documentation later to reference these changes, I'll also be putting it in a more accessible and obvious area on the website soon. Click here for current doc

    EDIT 2: Updated event schedule to reflect update 1.1.1


    I'm very sorry for the delay. I have been caught up in real life, but I have been making great strides to organizing our staff and recruiting volunteers to help with the projects we need to have done. We have made great progress this past week and I look forward to the next ones! Our custom plugins development has also been making great progress. In the next update, I will provide a sneak peek of the plugins we have in development.

    I plan to make small incremental updates each week as necessary. We'll try to add something big with each major update. For example, Minecraft Nations 2.0 will be the deployment of our custom plugins.

    The following changes for this update are as follows:

    Minecraft Nations 1.1 Changelog

    Killing players now will drop their head.

    Mob spawner camping is now disabled.

    Zombies have been tweaked, the non-integer drops are still persistent and out of our control.

    Anti-xray has been installed and tested, players can no longer xray for ores or chests.

    Golden apples and enchanted golden apples have been disabled.

    Fire resistance potions have been disabled.

    Regeneration potions have been disabled.

    Poison potions have been disabled.

    Loot tables have been tweaked.

    Many plugins have been updated and tweaked.

    There is now a coliseum at spawn.

    There is now a welcome area at spawn.

    New events and event schedule (BELOW)

    Minecraft Nations 1.1 Event Schedule


    - No events, rest day.


    - No events, rest day.

    Tuesday [starts next week 2/19]

    - Trading Event @ 12 PM PST to 6 PM PST, hosted by Felcis


    - No events, rest day.

    Thursday [starts next week 2/21]

    - Trading Event @ 12 PM PST to 6 PM PST, hosted by Felcis

    Friday [starts this week 2/15]

    - Arena Tournament @ 1 PM PST, hosted by IlyTaylorSwifty


    - World War @ 1 PM PST to 3 PM PST, hosted by our new custom world war automation plugin.

    Things in the works for 1.2 [Accessibility Patch]

    All free cities for trading event.

    Welcome area/tutorial signs make the server more accessible and understandable to players and new players.

    Spawn city plots (but we won't be able to use them until 2.0)

    Spawn embassies, this is planned for 2.0 but we may push it sooner to 1.2.

    Sneak peak of custom plugins.

    Official Nations

    Things in the works for 1.3 [Advertisement Push Patch]

    Youtube trailer

    More ads

    Revise advertisments

    Things in the works for 2.0

    Custom Plugins


    We are also looking for more volunteers to help build and host new events.

    If you think of an event, you can host it!

    Staff applications are also coming soon!



    Click here to view the article
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Discussion in 'News' started by Schuttle, Feb 10, 2013.

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    1. TheCHA
      Great, glad to see this underway. And a tournament as well! I'll take it home.

      This will make it great to recruit new players as well. I'll reignite an old topic.

      Does the spawn still have food to buy? :p
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    2. Schuttle

      Spawn doesn't have food right now =P

      I'll add a vendor soon in the welcome area.
    3. Bukr
      Ah awesome love the new events btw :D

      But now you have made my nether journeys ever so much harder and all the ghast tears i collected :( oh well good changes <3

      The tournament should be fun [​IMG]
    4. Darkgun
      1.1, sweet.  Good to hear that we've got plans for more events on the server.  being NAI, I'm kinda interested in these trade days.  Perhaps I can manage a few vulture kills, clean up the wounded stragglers.

      In note of siege balance, but not in an attempt to bring up that discussion in depth here, weren't Enderpearls supposed to be disabled at some point as well?
    5. TheCHA
      I hope they are never.
    6. Simmi_Sumo
      I'll be pretty sad if enderpearls aren't disabled or at least tweaked, give more damage when used or something.
    7. Bukr
      Endermen hardly drop them anyway xD 
    8. Schuttle
      Ender pearls are outright required to be able to siege any nation that has a sky vault or base.

      All competitive nations right now have a variation of these designs.

      It is nearly impossible to siege a competent nation with such designs, pillaring up or building up to their base in the sky would only lead to getting shot off or killed in the process.

      Removing the ender pearl would mean these bases would be practically invulnerable.

      Therefore, I have decided to keep them right now as they help even the playing field a little bit, but these bases are still tough to crack nonetheless even with the enderpearl.

      We are planning different tweaks come 2.0 that should allow me to remove ender pearls in the future, but it is not a guarantee.
    9. honeyluck
      whats the ip of this server with the events on?
    10. Simmi_Sumo
      IP: n.minecraft.io
    11. Bukr
      I have some problems maybe just me but, every time i log into the server i get this terrible terrible lag which i cannot move for like 10 mins, being in a sky base and all. I think it is because of the anti xray plugin which is changing the chests from stone, into chests and is constantly doing so. 

      Is this just me?
    12. TheCHA
      It is fine for me.
    13. Bukr
      Cause my single player is fine :/
    14. Schuttle
      Upon load all the chests are stone, but as you walk close to them they will become chests and stay chests. So if you enter an area with a lot of chests their may be some initial lag (thought I have not seen the lag myself), it will not keep turning the chests into stone and vice versa. It only changes the stone to chests one time and it will stay that way until you log out or ...leave the region I believe.

      I also just flew by your guys vault, area is lag free.
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    15. Bukr
      eh, i think its laggy when your inside. But my computer doesn't help. I think i have kind of fixed the lag but meh 

      Thanks though
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