On A Rail + Adventuring time Achievement!

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    Alright so, after a while, I got these achievements that are a little harder to get since of some server restrictions such as plot sizes and amount of plots you can have.

    But, I was able to get the achievements On a Rail and Adventuring Time after a while, and wanted to share how I did this :d.

    So first, for the On a Rail achievement, I was able to claim three plots side by side each other in a line so it has a total distance of roughly 1200 blocks, more than enough for the achievement which requires 1000 blocks on a rail in a straight line. Using a little redstone, I was able to get the players minecart to jump from plot to plot. I don't have a screenshot of me getting the achievement itself, but there is a warp on Majestic Creative (/warp onarail). This warp is the actual railway itself, you can ask me to ride it if you want the achievement if you likee.

    Secondly, the Adventuring Time achievement. Ill note now, if you really want to get the achievement, you NEED Worldedit, if you dont have it, it is much harder to get this achievement or if a player with Worldedit is willing to help you. So this achievement, requires you to enter every biome in Minecraft. This took a little while, perhaps 20 - 30 minutes depending on how much progress you've already done.
    To actually get this, what I did is using Worldedit, 'highlight' a patch of ground, doesnt have to be much, enough that you can see it and actually step on it. (Check images for an example). Once you've 'highlighted' an area, use the command //biomelist to see a list of every biome, there are 4 pages that displays the name of each biome, so it may take a while. Preferably by starting at page 1 going down the list, use the command //setbiome (biome). (Example in pictures) After setting the biome with the command, you will get a message similar to the following "Biomes were changed in 156 columns. You may have to rejoin your game (or close and reopen your world) to see a change.". For the change to actually occur, you must go to another warp away from your plot, I used /spawn to teleport away and use /back to tp back to where you were. What you pretty much just did is reload the area around you so the change can take effect, please note however: You must be the only player within the local area for this to work best, if any player is still near the region to used to change, the area will NOT change biome. There must be no players in the area for it to change! It does take a while, as you must keep checking the list of biomes and retyping the command to change biomes, going to spawn and back. Do make sure, you are IN the area you have selected with Worldedit. There is a screenshot of me actually getting the Adventuring Time achievement.

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    What creative thinking to get those achievements. Good job Reach!
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    I am so confused.
    Good Job?
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    You are one determined man.
    Now you need to find a way to get "The Beginning?" Good luck with that one, I don't see any possible way.
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    That's an impossible one. Like killing a mob.

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