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    Hello Luxwander Community,
    I am here to suggest a few things that I think could be added to Majestic Creative. Here is the list:

    1. Time choice. I think that time choose should be added to everyone's plot, meaning that they can choose whether their plot is day time or night time, or both. I think this would help a lot because building in the dark is very annoying.

    2. Spam monitor. Now i now that you guys have probably heard this one before, but the spam that people commit is very annoying sometimes. I think it could be added and it would reduce a lot of the spam.

    3. /plot middle. I think this commas should be given to any and all players, because without worledit, it is very hard to find the center of your plot. Some people have to eyeball it, or physically count all 400x400 of the plot. I think this command would be very useful, and should be added.

    4. Hub book. When you spawn in the main hub, i think you should be given a compass, and on that compass, you can warp to whatever server you like, instead of having to walk around trying to find the portal you like.

    5. //up 1 This command was unfortunately taken out, but it is very useful. I think that this command should be given back to world edit users.

    These are just a few suggestions, and if anyone else has any, feel free to comment below.

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