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    The Achievement Update

    Hello everyone! Thank you for your patience!

    Iva and I have been hard at work to roll out The Achievement Update! This update consists of a bringing back global chat, improved chat format, more ranks, a new Tab format, and long awaited fixes. Our primary goal of this update was to address the lack of rank advancement and ability to show off your achievements.

    In addition, we are launching the beginnings of Luxwander’s Youtube Program. After receiving the results from the survey you all took months ago, we saw one major trend, YouTube. A lot of people want YouTube ranks and more Luxwander related YouTube videos.

    Global Chat

    Global chat is back and better! Based on the feedback we received during Global Chat’s trial run you now have the ability to toggle it on and off. Global chat is also set off automatically whenever you join or switch servers. Roleplays and Warp Advertising are not allowed in Global.

    Here is exactly how Global chat operates. In Global, you will speak, listen, and be heard in ALL servers. In Local, you will speak, listen, and be heard ONLY in your current server.

    To turn on Global chat, you will have to run the command /gtoggle each time you join a server. To turn off Global, you will have to run the same command again. A message will appear each time confirming which chat mode you have switched to.

    Chat Format

    Chat formatting has undergone an overhaul. Players and Staff may now have their normal, VIP, or Staff ranks as prefixes and additional custom and optional Achievement Tags as their suffix.

    For example, before you could only have your normal rank, builder, VIP, or staff ranks appear in the prefix. Now, you can be a VIP and show your Builder Rank or other custom Achievement Tags.

    The following are visual examples of the chat formatting changes. Pay attention to SirQuacksBourne having a VIP rank and one of the new prestigious Builder Ranks at the same time!


    Putting your cursor over the prefix you will get a tooltip and can see what type of ranks they have. Some users will have extra information! For instance Iva and I have our Twitter’s info in our prefix tooltip, we plan on adding the ability to add more info to your prefix tooltip to certain future VIPs ranks.


    Putting your cursor over the name area will show a tooltip with their absolute real name, this will be helpful in identifying VIPs with nicknames. And as before, staff are not allowed to have a nickname.


    Putting your cursor over the suffix area will show a tooltip with their full Achievement Tag and how many Achievement Tags they have collected. More information may be added here in the future too.


    Ranks and Achievement Tags

    To see what Achievement Tags you have available do /tags to see your options. By default everyone has the Example tag to see how it works. Previous Builders will automatically have access to the Rookie Builder tag.

    We have added a ton of new ranks and we plan adding many more ranks as Achievement Tags overtime. Feel free to recommend new potential Achievement Tags! Normal, VIP, and Staff ranks will all be formatted as prefixes of names in chat. All other ranks are Achievement Tags and will be formatted in the suffixes of names in chat.

    The following is the complete new ranking system including old ranks:

    To see how to earn the new Ranks or Achievement Tags, click on the relevant header for more for more information!


    Starter Ranks:
    Member <-- Click to apply.​

    Special Ranks:
    Luxtuber <-- Click to compete.
    Youtuber <-- Click to apply.​

    For the following, message me to claim:
    Nations Veteran (Have a forum account with a join date before 2013)
    Hunger Games Champion (Win HG Comp once)
    Not Hungry (Win HG Comp three times or more)

    Earning the New Builder Ranks

    Earning new Builder Ranks is just like before, but there are now more ranks you can advance through instead of just one Builder Rank. Players will post a Builder Rank application for each rank next in line. If the builds meet expectations, they will earn their next rank. Difficulty will get harder as we will expect more with each next Builder rank. Below are links to the Builder Ranks Application Forum and a complete list of Builder Ranks from lowest to highest.

    Apply for Builder Ranks here: Builder Ranks Application Forum

    Builder Ranks (Lowest to Highest):
    Rookie Builder
    Novice Builder
    Adept Builder
    Advance Builder
    Expert Builder
    Ace Builder
    Master Builder
    Grandmaster Builder

    VIP Ranks

    VIP Ranks (Lowest to Highest):
    Silver VIP
    Gold VIP
    Platinum VIP
    Diamond VIP (Not yet available)
    Luxium VIP (Not yet available)

    Staff Ranks

    Staff (New Green Chat Color):
    Junior Cartographer
    Senior Cartographer​

    Moderating Staff (New Blue Chat Color):
    Junior Moderator
    Senior Moderator​

    Officers Staff:
    Senior Developer
    Senior Admin
    Community Manager

    Tab Format

    The new Tab Format shows a lot more information and should be very helpful to new and old players. On the top left the new Tab shows: the server you are on, Lux Time which is the same timezone as mine (Pacific Time), and your numerical ping. We have also updated how the Tab displays players, the Tab now shows players across the network and shows which servers they are in. The players are also color coded by their rank; for example, red is the color for Officers. For easy reference, our social media, forum address, teamspeak information, and shop information is there too.

    When the Tab list is overloaded you may not see everyone who is on the current server you are on. To see everyone on the current server do /list in chat. The Tab list becomes overloaded when you see as seen below something like "... and 13 others" at the end of a server player list.



    On all creative servers, you can now push buttons, toggle levers, and open/close doors on plots you are not added too!

    Luxwander’s Youtube Program

    The following is a message from @ivawhitebear:
    After receiving the results from the survey you all took months ago, I saw one major trend, YouTube. A lot of people want YouTube ranks and more Luxwander related YouTube videos. I have been brainstorming on ways to: give the community what it wants. I am happy to announce the Official Release of the YouTube Program (or Project Subscribe). The goal is to inspire and grow YouTubers, here, at Luxwander.

    We now offer YouTuber Ranks! If you have 100 + subscribers, you can now apply for this rank. We are adding in a new section to the forum just for Youtube videos, the new section is called YouTube and it is between the Servers section and the Minecraft section.

    Starting Friday 5/6, we will be starting a new weekly contest called, Lux Shorts. The prize for winning is a FREE rank called, “LuxTuber” and your winning video posted on Luxwander’s Facebook and Twitter. You can find the rules in the new YouTube section, under Lux Shorts.The new section called YouTube Showcase, is a place for you to share your YouTube videos. We want to grow YouTubers and aspirings YouTubers in our community, post your videos here to gain views and followers.

    Please support our YouTubers at Luxwander, by watching, liking, and subscribing to your favorite videos created by our fellow community members. If you have any questions there are Rules posted under each section. If you are still confused, please message me or email me at I will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have!

    Have a Lux kind of a Day,

    Thank you all and I hope you enjoy The Achievement Update! Please let Iva or I know if there are any bugs, issues, missing permissions, or missing features that you run into so that we can fix them right away!

    Schuttle & Iva


Discussion in 'News' started by Schuttle, Apr 30, 2016.

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