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Discussion in 'Events' started by Salkroth, Oct 21, 2017.

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    Hey everyone,

    On Sunday October 22nd, 1pm-ish EST, I will be starting work on the new vanillabean guardian farm and unlike my last farm everyone is welcome to join in and assist with this massive undertaking, now this is going to be a long event so don't worry about not being on at 1pm or missing the survival games competition, we will be at this for most of the day if not longer.

    Thanks to JKdeathgod we have located a very nice spot that is not very far from spawn, at the time of this post the local post is not named but I am trying to change that, but either way we will go ahead with the build and will toss out /invites when needed.

    The following is a list of stuff you need to bring to be allowed to help out
    1. You
    2. that is all.
    3. honestly nothing else, I just want this list to look bigger.

    I will be providing water breathing potions and chests are on site for stone depositing.

    It is strongly suggested you DO NOT bring anything valuable that you don't want to risk loosing, this project will be a tad dangerous until we finish draining it all.
    For those unable to provide themselves with basic iron tools, I can assist with a few people to get them setup for this project.

    Since we will be having to mine down to almost the bedrock there will be a bit of resources mined up, and what you mine you keep, ender chests will be provided to allow deposit of what you find for safe keeping.

    if you wish to contribute but can't build or don't want to we can also use 2,204 dispensers and buckets and no I am not joking, a farm this size needs a shut off system and that's how we do it.

    Anyone who helps will get access to the farm itself once complete but everyone on Vanillabean will benefit like on the last map, there will be a item dispenser at Redstone region aka. Endgate 2.0

    Finally, everyone who joins in is expected to NOT STEAL anyones death drops if/when someone dies, I do encourage people helping them by getting the items and returning them to the owner.
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    Hopefully I can get online without forgetting to
  3. Zildjian52886

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    I started to help. I will be on today, in fact right now (at the time of this being posted) to help you work on it, if you need anymore help.

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