Feature and VIP Perk Update

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We are making our first pass of many to upgrade basic features and VIP perks to allow more players to enjoy them. We are extremely appreciative of your ongoing support to Luxwander and we promise new perks coming in the future too! Here are the changes for today’s update:

All Servers
* /hat is now accessible to Wanderer’s
* /PVP is now accessible to everyone to toggle PVP on and off on all servers but Floatyrock Skyblock
* /kittycannon is now accessible to Wanderer’s
* /beecannon and /beezooka have been added to Settler

Majestic Creative and Royal Creative
* Default players now have access to basic WorldEdit on both creative servers.

Vanillabean Survival

* Default players now have access to 1 home (/sethome)
* All other ranks now have 1 extra home
* Wanderer’s now have access to /kit cake
* Wanderer’s now get 25k extra claim blocks on Vanillabean
* Wanderer’s now get access to /workbench and /enderchest on Vanillabean

Floatyrock Skyblock

* All VIP...

Royal Creative Release (Old Majestic Creative Plots)

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Royal Creative is releasing Saturday March 27th at 9am PT/LuxTime. I'm sure everyone is excited to check out all their old builds and relive old memories! All old plots and builds from Majestic Creative dating from before 2019 are on Royal.

Before jumping in, here's a refresher on how the old worlds were structured! Royal has two of the old Majestic 400x400 block plot worlds. World 1 and 2 can be accessed at /warp world1 and /warp world2. World 1 is the default world, but most old players will spawn in at their last known location. New players can not claim a plot on Royal, but can be added to existing plots.

All old warps have been reset, but you can still visit all your old plots.

To list all your plots use '/plot list mine' and to list all plots shared with you use '/plot list shared'. Use '/plot home #' to travel to one of your old plots, simply change the # to the numbered plot you would like to visit.


New Hub for a New Year!

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I am glad to announce the release of our brand new hub.

A BIG thanks and congratulations to our new Designers @MagyPie and @ThatBariGal and the Luxwander Build Team!

Make sure to explore and check out the new player leaderboards which will be updated weekly!

Hop on to check it out!

First Cosmic Minigame Release: LuxChess

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We are happy to announce that we are starting to test out the Cosmic Minigames server with our first minigame: LuxChess

You can now grab a friend, click on the NPC at spawn, and get to the arenas! In the future we are interested in adding leaderboards and chess tournaments. As always, if you have any suggestions please feel free to leave it in #community-feedback and if you find any bugs please let us know in #help-and-support on Discord!

How to play:

To select or move pieces hold the name tag in your hand then left click to select a piece and then right click to move the selected piece. The selected piece will show all possible moves. The last moved piece will also be noted on the board. All games can last up to an hour and thirty minutes with five minutes to make a move. If you do not move in this time, your turn will be forfeited. The goal of chess is to checkmate the opponents king, however, if the clock runs out...

The Ranks and Roles Update

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Get ready to rock and roll! The long awaited ranks and roles update is here. Staff are now organized into teams, new ranks, and have additional staff roles. Builder roles are added and applications are now open on the forums. New earnable community roles are also available.

All ranks are prefixed to a players name and all roles are suffixed to a players name in game. Roles can be accessed in game with the ‘/tags’ command. Pioneers have access to the ‘/tags color’ command to change the color and formatting of their role.

Why We Wanted to Change Staff Ranks

We wanted to give staff more recognition for their individual roles as well as lower the bar for new staff with more entry level ranks. As the server grows we are also looking for more talent not only related to Minecraft itself. We now have different staff teams and roles to better reflect to players how staff contribute and to help recognize their contributions!

Staff are now laid out into four separate teams, staff...

Floatyrock Skyblock and Rank Update Release!

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Floatyrock Skyblock and the Rank Update are now released!

We are proud to announce the release of Floatyrock Skyblock, which is Luxwander’s take on the popular Skyblock gamemode! On Floatyrock Skyblock you will progress through a series of detailed missions and challenges to build up resources and money to upgrade your island and rise to the top of the leaderboards.

The Story of Floatyrock Skyblock

A powerful entity from another dimension has broken reality into many pieces opening up portals between different worlds and dimensions. Once you are strong enough, you can venture off into the mysterious Fracture at spawn to fight off the hordes of evolved monsters that have been released into this world with the sole purpose of destroying everything.

If we can manage to hold off the invasion and kill enough of the monsters, we can use their resources to craft much stronger weapons and armor. Once we are much strong we can use to finally try and reach the mysterious...

New Global Rules and Vanillabean Nether/End Reset

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Hello Wanderers,

We have revised our Global Rules and Vanillabean's Nether and End worlds have reset for 1.16.1.

To check out the new Global Rules, please visit the link below:


1.16.1 and back to the past soon!

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Hello Wanderers,

Luxwander's Minecraft servers have updated to 1.16.1. Please update to 1.16.1 to see the new blocks!

The Nether will reset on Vanillabean on August 4th. Please remove all belongings as soon as possible.

All the old pre-2019 plotwords are also returning soon. This includes old Majestic, Noble, and Gigaplot.


Minecraft Nations: Season 1

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Hello Wanderers,

We are glad to announce Minecraft Nations: Season 1 is here!

Click 'Continue' for more details!

Vanillabean Experience Survey #1

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Hello Wanderers!

Please take this survey about your experience on Vanillabean Survival.
We will use your feedback to help direct changes or new features on the server.
Take the survey:


Vanillabean Spawn and Public Roadmap Release

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Hello Wanderers,

I have two announcements today!


Vanillabean spawn is completed, thank you for the beautiful build @Salkroth.
Use the command '/visit spawn' at a region post to visit.

The new area includes the global rules, information about claims, a nether portal, and an end portal.
@Salkroth is even planning more over the next year so stay tuned!

Luxwander Public Roadmap

Our public roadmap is out! Link...

Luxwander Ranks Update

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Hello Wanderers,

I am glad to announce we are launching our official shop!

To visit the shop, please follow the link below:

Contributions directly support the Luxwander community and it’s development.
We hope the featured perks help show our appreciation for your contributions and heighten your experience on Luxwander.

We will continually add more perks and goodies to the current ranks and shop. The shop is also planned to have a facelift with custom graphics and images added, in the meanwhile...

A Luxwander New Year

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The following was originally posted on our Discord on 12/31/2019.

Hello Wanderers,

Luxwander has returned and like many others I am filled with nostalgia and joy. The launch went better than I could have ever imagined. I was so surprised by the huge turnout and outpouring support.

Luxwander means so much to me and as I know it means so much to all of you. Many of us have literally grown up with this community. I thank you all for your patience and support. I won’t let you down!

Moments like these reinforce and make me feel emboldened in my efforts to rebuild and regrow Luxwander and maybe even eventually surpass our previous success. None of this could be possible without you, the community, and the bonds we all share.

I have met many people on Luxwander that are now my friends for life and I know several members have had similar experiences. Luxwander isn’t just a minecraft network, we are a family. Sometimes we have our moments, but at the end of the day we are all...

Luxwander Discord

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