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    Name of build: campsite life /warp BladeIsTheManrookie

    nice texture pack, but that cobble is cursed
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    haha bean

    haha bean
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    Novice builder application

    I am applying for novice. Build name: (again, I don't have a name) I'll title it: "Rupture in rolling hills" From now on, I'll just link the same warp, since these are all next to each other. /warp beantags I hope this is okay, but I tend to delete unneeded png files since I rarely reuse...
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    beans66 Rookie Builder Application

    I don't really have a name for this but I guess I'll call it "Windmill Cottage" The build is available at /warp beanrookie
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    Comment by 'beans66' in media '2020-12-01_09.50.57.png'

    jam these are wonderful
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    Comment by 'beans66' in media 'Picture of Hub'

    nice shot! looks nice
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    people of the the place world

    how is your day
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    Tuesday October 29th Team Deathmatch

    can't wait!
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    Comment by 'beans66' in media 'i am officially the new MEE6'

    mee6 doesnt exist
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    we gotta make monopoly in vb actually dont
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    Comment by 'beans66' in media 'house gang'

    uh oh
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    1.16.1 and back to the past soon!

    If you're referring to multiple plots on majestic alone, then they'll most likely come with the rest of the old maj plots. If you're referring to noble and gigaplot, then I believe they're confirmed to come back.
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    Comment by 'beans66' in media 'i am officially the new MEE6'

    youve reached lvl 8
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    hi people