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  • *About you section* "How many people have you dated?" you: "None. But i'm getting close tho ;>" xDD <33
    hey, do you guys like iron legacy? wouldn't it be cool if you like, drew yourself as a torn charact- MUST NOT MAKE ART REQUEST AAAAAAAAAAAAA
    Where did dark go?

    no, dont worry, im not dead. As i said before, i have a @!@#-load of schoolwork to do, now more then ever. i havent been on in the past few days because of that. Dont worry, ill be back soon. i miss you all ;-;  <3, -dark
    im sorry guys

    i wont be able to be on much these days. i have a buttload of school work to do, and if i dont do it my parents will let me have it. i try to explain to them that i want to hang out with my friends and that most of them are online at only certain points in the day (like arch) but they dont want to hear it. Ill try to get this (stuipd) (life wasting) (pointless) (useless) schoolwork finished as fast as i can, but i dont know when ill be able to be on next ;-;

    thanks for understanding.  -Dark
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    Eh, its  all good. We can all wait, remember, your education is WAY more important than any video game! See ya soon!
    when you log on and there are no new noticifations

    you just turn off computer and go lie down

    and die
    When i see my friends having fun outside on the weekends and i have to stay inside and work

    >:U THE RAGE
    i just want to make school NOT EXIST
    I may start putting pics of my..."art" on the forums

    for the sick people that enjoy art that looks like it has been drawn by a drunk 4 year old...that is also high. And delusional. And physcotic. And Poisoned.

    it will look even worse compared to the 1623418648172364172364129374 out of 10 artists on here...

    but ill give it a shot
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