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    old plots?

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    The Ranks and Roles Update

    That was a long month.
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    Why, Nations?

    You can break things now, nice.
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    Why, Nations?

    I find it confusing why we can't build or break anything in the Wilderness? Why is it that the only place where we can do anything on this god damn server is in a nation claim? Sure, this whole idea seems interesting if it was like a Civ game or something. But what are we playing? We're playing...
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    Why did the Majestic Creative plots get reset?

    The entire server was reset, so everything is gone. And yeah, the old plots are gone forever.
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    Comment by 'truesurvivor9' in media 'what my life has came into creative mode'

    this guy literally just said he hacks
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    Should Vanilla Bean be updated to hard mode?

    The majority of the community wants it, so why not change VB to hard? Also, most of the players have full diamond gear anyways, so it's not like there's anything challenging that's gonna appear. Staying in normal mode just makes the server boring.
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    Woops, switched the images for map and build. Why can't I edit or at least delete posts :(
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    /warp bigahegao2 or /warp bigahegao_map2 Map: Build:
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    /warp iyapan or /warp iyapan_map Map: Build: