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  1. truesurvivor9

    Why, Nations?

    I find it confusing why we can't build or break anything in the Wilderness? Why is it that the only place where we can do anything on this god damn server is in a nation claim? Sure, this whole idea seems interesting if it was like a Civ game or something. But what are we playing? We're playing...
  2. truesurvivor9

    Last One To Post Wins!

    Continuing the old forum game started by Kelestami. Don't think that old thread is still up anymore, so here I am reviving it. Let's see some life in this forum.
  3. truesurvivor9

    [Majestic] Change Gamemode and Place Fires

    Can we get permission to change gamemodes to survival/adventure mode? Also, can we get permissions to place fires and have firespread turned off? It'd be nice for builds.
  4. truesurvivor9


    Hey guys. I make ahegao map art. /warp maps for the maps. My first one is at /warp ahegao_map Map: Build:
  5. truesurvivor9

    A New Introduction

    Jk. Don't feel like doing a new introduction. April Fools.
  6. truesurvivor9

    The Fab~ Intro

    The fact that you clicked on this topic means that you're interested somewhat. Or it was just an accidental click. Either way, welcome to my new intro. As many of you may know, new long intros have unintentionally become a trend. So, I decided to make one as well, after 2 years. Well then, let's...
  7. truesurvivor9

    New IGNs

    This topic is not an introduction of myself but of others. Ever since Mojang has released a new option to change your username, many people have changed their username, and they wouldn't be recognized by their new name. Yes, people can check the topic Schuttle made about getting back your rank...
  8. truesurvivor9

    I Shall Introduce Myself

    Hello Luxwander! It's a fine day today, (or night), and I feel like I should introduce myself. My IGN is truesurvivor9 and I'm a huuuge fan of creepers. On a particular server, people call the creeper lord. One thing, I HATE griefing. Griefing is the worst thing in the entire universe. I...