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  1. Techynos

    Formal introduction because Ryelie told to do another one.

    Uh, hi guys. I'm Lite012. I've been a player on Luxwander for the past two years. Recently I've been playing on Vanilla Bean, but I remain a Noble player. I've taken a few hiatuses on the server due to personal problems during that time, but now I have the time to be a fully dedicated player on...
  2. Techynos

    The return.

    For those of you who don't know me, my IGN is Lite012; I'm back after taking a long hiatus due to personal problems back home. Anyways, I'm back.  Oh and note, if my in game syntax is not like this, it's a friend of mine playing on my account. Expect me to be back soon Lux but for now I'll...