2020 Reintroduction


Luxwander's Friendliest Wolf
Dec 29, 2013
New York

As many of you know my name is Ethan, but I go by my nickname 'Zild' in the Luxwander community. My full Minecraft username is Zildjian52886 although I might simplify that later. I have been a part of the Luxwander community for at least six years now, and have come to know it as a second home. I have made many friends and memories through the Luxwander community. I have now started playing Vanillabean again, and plan on doing some builds in Majestic creative. I took some time of Luxwander while I was composing some music as I am a music composer and audio producer, but I am now back online again as an active member. I hope to see many of you in-game and hopefully I am able to help you out with whatever you need. I plan on applying for staff here in order to further help the community I have become a large part of over the past number of years. I posted this short reintroduction as my other introductions were from 4-5 years ago time.

- Zild