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May 29, 2020
Hello everyone! If you didn't know my actual name is Alex :> I felt like sharing the artwork I've done over the past 3 years in hope of finding someone who has done art prints before. I'm interested in creating art prints of some of my better pieces because I feel like it'll be a fun experience for me.

Something to know about me is that I go into spurts of making art and I often have art block. I'm very judgmental about my artwork and I can easily point out my mistakes and where I could improve, but hey there's always room for improvement! I'm no expert when it comes to art and although I'm heading into AP Art next year I feel a bit flimsy about my art education. I haven't had a good art teacher so I've become more of my own teacher which has been quite rewarding in that I can keep everything at my own pace.

The media I typically use include watercolor, gouache, acrylic ink/acrylic paint, and fine tip markers and pens. My favorite material to paint on is watercolor paper because it's smoother and looks cleaner in my opinion. I have painted on canvas and canvas panels though I find it difficult to paint on because I like to use a variety of mediums in all my paintings.

I'd like to share a little bit about each of the pieces of artwork I've decided to share:


1. The medium I used for this piece was acrylic ink. It was my first painting working with this medium and it was quite stressful. When coming up with this piece I had a strong idea of what I had hoped it was going to look like in the end but it definitely looked like the opposite of what I was hoping for. After completing this piece, though, I'm very proud of my hard work. I unexpectedly entered this piece into the local fair art show and won first place in the youth division. I had previously won Grand Champion at the same fair in middle school and did not foresee myself ever accomplishing another win similar to it ever again. (Fall 2019)


2. This next piece is one of my favorite paintings I have ever done. The entirety of this painting is done in watercolor. I entered this floral painting in the same local fair my sophomore year placed second in my category. I absolutely love the way I painted the flowers and love the silver details I did on the leaves. (Fall 2018)


3. Another painting I did during my sophomore year was inspired by a red Oni mask. The concept of an Oni mask is quite interesting and I definitely have to look more into it! The media I used in this painting was watercolor and a white colored pencil. (Fall 2018)


4. The next piece is definitely the most heartfelt artwork I've created. The subject is my old loving dog Rusty. He passed away nearly two years ago and I drew this in remembrance of him. In this piece I practiced my shading using a cheap writing pencil and some random colored pencils. (Winter 2018)


5. The following painting is recent and one that was quite rushed and agitating. It is all done in acrylic paint. I had originally begun painting a different portrait but was hating the outcome. I paint over the first painting with this nice forest green. This painting was the first time I had ever painted with green and pink together. Also, I'm terrible at painting skin tone so I always paint people in strange colors like blue. (Spring 2020)


6. This collage of a painting is inspired and in reference to Studio Ghibli scenery. Studio Ghibli movies have always had a place in my heart and these pieces inclined me to think about making prints of my artwork. The top left painting is from the movie, The Secret Life of Arrietty. The top right is from My Neighbor Totoro. The bottom two are from Spirited Away, aka my favorite Studio Ghibli film. (Spring 2020)


7. This last painting is actually a reference of a wooden dragon figure in my house. I'm from an asian-hispanic-american (I'm a mutt lol) home and so a lot of the decorations from my house are asian inspired. I'm pretty proud of this piece because it's one of my few "realistic" paintings. (Spring 2020)

Thank you for looking at my artwork! It was nostalgic and enjoyable to look back at all the nicer pieces of artwork I've done over the years. If you wish, please don't mind leaving behind a comment for me! I would be happy to see any constructive criticism or find someone who has done art prints before. Perhaps in the future I'll post another thread of my future pieces. <3

- Alex (aka sihlver :>)


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Sep 8, 2015
I haven’t done art at all, so I am in no way an expert.

However, I really love creativity behind your artwork- the use of different styles, different pallets of colour and even the texture.

My favourite is picture number five, using the green really compliments the pink. I like how the white streaks/highlights in the hair makes the woman stand out. Using green for the skin tone as a good approach!

I love how realistic these paintings look, and I definitely cannot wait for you to use different types of equipment to produce your art in the future e.g. potentially use of copics, watercolours, art using coloured pencils and stencils etc.

I honestly admire all of these, I love them!!
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Sep 12, 2014
my god number 6 feels magical, i love it
you've got a really good understanding of acrylics!
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Jun 12, 2020
SIhlver, these looks amazing! : O, i love number 6. My neighbour totoro is one of my favorite anime movies since childhood and i keep going back to it when i want to feel cozy. Amazing work you've done to all of the paintings!! < 3