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Feb 4, 2014
Hello everyone!

We'd love to see your builds and creations from our server! This is the chance to share it with everyone in the community and earn your Builder Roles. If your builds are of high quality, skill, and grand execution you may be able to role up from Rookie Builder all the way to Grandmaster Builder. Each role will require a separate application and you may not skip roles. Please try to comment on other peoples builds so we know what the community likes!

Each app will be judged on these qualities:

The WOW factor

All Builder Roles In Order (Lowest to Highest):

Rookie Builder
Novice Builder
Adept Builder
Advanced Builder
Pro Builder
Expert Builder
Master Builder
Grandmaster Builder

You must start at Rookie Builder and work up the line. You can’t start ahead of Rookie Builder.

Application Requirements:

All Builder Apps must be complete. We do not accept works in progress or incomplete builds. If a building has an opening and is able to be entered it must have an interior. “Exterior only” builds are acceptable, but will be judged twice as hard. These builds must be built on our servers.

Rookie Builder: Build must be at least 35x35 in size. Quite easy to obtain usually.

Novice Builder: Build must be at least 55x55 in size.

Adept Builder: Build must be at least 75x75 in size. Terrain is a requirement.

Advanced Builder: Build must be at least 105x105 in size. Terrain is a requirement.

Pro Builder: Build must be at least 165x165 in size. Terrain is a requirement.

Expert Builder: Build must be at least 255x255 in size. Terrain is a requirement.

Master Builder: Build must be at least 405x405 in size. Multiple styles of building will be required on your plot. Terrain is a requirement.

Grandmaster Builder: Build must be at least 1025x1025 in size. Terrain is a requirement. Multiple coherent themes going on.This Builder role is limited to 3 people only on the server and shows the highest role of skill on the server. If you think your application shall be in competition of beating one of the already Grandmaster's applications, then you are able to replace them in role.

World edit will be given to players with Expert Builder and up. So players that have more dedication on working for those higher up builder roles will be rewarded, but still will be a challenge for most to accomplish.

Expert Builder and beyond: If you have used a style of building at least twice in previous apps, we will require you to build in a new style.

Master Builder: Players that reach Master Builder will receive another plot in succession of getting Master Builder.

In addition, you may not use builds used in other apps, including previous builder apps. Builds made on non accessible server worlds and/or used for the server (Ex: builds for the hubs) are not eligible for Builder roles. The application must be built on a creative server and copying a build that isn’t your own original work will be an instant denial. Pixel art is not acceptable.

Builds that are found out to be taken from tutorials of other people and or any build that is found to be plagiarized by another player/builder after receiving any builder role will have all their builder roles revoked.

You may not have outside help with your applications, if you are found to have someone else help you with a build your app will not be accepted/revoked.
You can still ask for advice, but placing blocks or using world edit is not allowed.

Please use the following format when posting:

Role you are applying for: If this is your first time applying put down "Rookie Builder," if you have a Builder Role already, put down the next role in line. We will verify your current role on all applications.

Build Name: Put the name of your build!

Warp: Put the name of the warp (or warps) that are located at your build(s) so we may visit them in person in all its glory.

Images: Put any images detailing your builds and please name them and describe them to us. (Upload images during thread creation and add images to thread)

Video: Put any videos you have touring your builds or creations, or if they can, have a video with them in action! (Use Youtube and embed)
You should have at least a warp and images, but videos are encouraged and will certainly give you better chances at Builder. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Post applications here: Builder

Happy building everyone!
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