Derby Event Wednesday, September 16th


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Jun 1, 2020
Wednesday, September 16th Derby Event!
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Derby Event is on:

Wednesday, September 16th @ 12 PM PST / LuxTime

We'll be hosting a Luxwander Derby Event. Depending on the amount of players (5 max per race), each set of racers will go around the track 3 times, hurdling over obstacles and competing to reach the finish line first. With each group of racers, there will be one winner. There can be multiple winners throughout the event. (Each individual horse will not be used twice.)

Each winner will receive: 12 Netherite scraps, 60 haybales, 1 saddle, 4 nametags, 4 leads, 1 unbreaking III book, 1 protection III book, 16 bottles of enchanting, 1 horse banner, and 16 golden carrots!

PvP will not be allowed for racers and you will be removed if PvP is turned on and or used.

You do not need to bring anything to this event, just yourself!

On Vanillabean
@ /visit derby

Rules for the Derby Event

1. Hacking will get you disqualified and permanently banned.
2. Be respectful.
3. You must claim your prize immediately after the derby event or you will forfeit it.
4. Prize list is subject to availability and change.
5. RSVPing on the forum does not guarantee a spot.
6. Follow the General Luxwander rules.
7. Teaming up is not allowed.
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