Feature and VIP Perk Update


Staff member
Apr 14, 2010
We are making our first pass of many to upgrade basic features and VIP perks to allow more players to enjoy them. We are extremely appreciative of your ongoing support to Luxwander and we promise new perks coming in the future too! Here are the changes for today’s update:

All Servers
* /hat is now accessible to Wanderer’s
* /PVP is now accessible to everyone to toggle PVP on and off on all servers but Floatyrock Skyblock
* /kittycannon is now accessible to Wanderer’s
* /beecannon and /beezooka have been added to Settler

Majestic Creative and Royal Creative
* Default players now have access to basic WorldEdit on both creative servers.

Vanillabean Survival

* Default players now have access to 1 home (/sethome)
* All other ranks now have 1 extra home
* Wanderer’s now have access to /kit cake
* Wanderer’s now get 25k extra claim blocks on Vanillabean
* Wanderer’s now get access to /workbench and /enderchest on Vanillabean

Floatyrock Skyblock

* All VIP locked island upgrades on Skyblock are now gone apart from island member size upgrades

Check lux.gg/shop to upgrade your rank and contribute!
And lux.gg/ranks to check out all the perks!
More VIP changes are coming soon!

Schuttle and the Luxwander Team