First Cosmic Minigame Release: LuxChess


Staff member
Apr 14, 2010

We are happy to announce that we are starting to test out the Cosmic Minigames server with our first minigame: LuxChess

You can now grab a friend, click on the NPC at spawn, and get to the arenas! In the future we are interested in adding leaderboards and chess tournaments. As always, if you have any suggestions please feel free to leave it in #community-feedback and if you find any bugs please let us know in #help-and-support on Discord!

How to play:

To select or move pieces hold the name tag in your hand then left click to select a piece and then right click to move the selected piece. The selected piece will show all possible moves. The last moved piece will also be noted on the board. All games can last up to an hour and thirty minutes with five minutes to make a move. If you do not move in this time, your turn will be forfeited. The goal of chess is to checkmate the opponents king, however, if the clock runs out the person with the most points wins!

Good Luck!

Special thanks:

@Flamedjt02 for creating the Minigame hub
@JKDeathGod for creating the map Library
And @CrystalDrop for helping with the plugin and the map SunkenPalace