First post of ever :D


Jun 12, 2020
HI there, im Lazuli im a player on Creative and i like to build alot of stuff (ive only done medival so far, but hey im learning XD).
I go by alot of nicknames mostly Lazuli, but if you want you can call me Lazuli, Lazulo, Fry or anything you want idk (as long as its not offensive).

I've ben on lux since early or mid april and i've loved the server ever since. I mostly do Majestic but i can hop on Vanillabean if anyone likes :'D.

Some fun facts about me. Im 17 years old (atm) and i come from Norway. Lived here since birth and never left the country (wish i traveled more though).
I study cosmotology (to become a hairdresser) and i'm going into work soon. My life is simple and i play minecraft every day so you'll see me wander around Majestic allmost 24/7.
My favorite stuff is Baking, Cats, Chocolate, Archery, Goldfish (the snack not the animal) and Staying up till 6:am just because.

If you want to know me better pls msg me and we'll have a chat :'), come visit my plot at /Warp Nidaros to see my progress on the builds, i have signs that explain whats going on.

Soo yeah, thats me idk if its a good introduction or not but it works for me :'P