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Apr 14, 2010
GR1. Respect everyone.

Disrespect towards Players or Staff
-Not respecting boundaries set in place by a person
-Mocking, being rude, or bullying
-Speech that is intentionally hurtful or bothersome
-Character or reputation slandering
-Brigading or protesting against staff or staff decisions in public (Please open an appeal on the forums if you would like to protest a decision.)

Disruptive Behavior
-All forms of trolling
-Spamming chat
-Parroting chat to make related topics or conversation flow difficult to see or follow
-Use voice, text, or forum channels for their intended purpose
-Overuse of gifs, images, videos in Discord or Forums
-Stalking or obsessive behavior towards another person
-Talking about passionate topics in public chat such as, but not limited to: self harm, drug usage, suicidal ideation, sensitive personal history, victim blaming
-Causing a spectacle or sensationalizing issues in public spaces
-Using ‘reactions’ on Discord posts that spam, form troll words, or phrases
-Discord voice spam, channel joining/leaving spam
-Disrupting any staff duties or responsibilities
-Spamming fireworks, audio effects, visual effects

Sexual Harassment
-Communicating physically or verbally in a sexualized way towards another individual to the point it makes them uncomfortable
-Unwanted or unprovoked sexual communication and media
-Intentional comments and ‘jokes’ about sex, sexual abuse, sexual trauma, shaming, rape, and sexual assault

-Treating a player negatively based on their gender, age, race, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, economic status, disability, or non-violent personal beliefs

Violent Behavior
-Promoting, glorifying or instigating violence, threats towards an individual’s safety, health, or life, causing terror or abusing insecurity is strictly prohibited

-Spreading misinformation intentionally or causing confusion in a public space
-Lying or spreading rumors based on unfact-checked, incomplete or false information

-Advertising of any kind is not allowed in public spaces, this includes but is not limited to: other servers or games, social media, streaming, youtube channels, links to pornographic content

-Mentioning another server is not advertising, for example, “Hey, lets go play on Hypixel.”
-Giving a server IP address or trying to convince someone to go to another server is advertising

-Releasing private information of another person to the public is strictly prohibited (Private information consists of but is not limited to: location, age, school, family, workplace, governmental identifiers, bank info, education, sexual history)

GR2. No cheating and exploiting.

-Using hacks or similar functions to give oneself an unfair advantage over vanilla or set gameplay mechanics

-Taking advantage of errors in functionality or mechanics in order to gain advantages in gameplay
-Claiming more than two named region posts on Vanillabean
-Failing to report potential exploitable functions or mechanics in gameplay upon accidental discovery

Lag Machine
-Building a lag machine or device with malicious intent to cause disruption, confusion, or annoyance
-Spamming entities

Client Crashing
-Crashing your own client repeatedly or causing the crash of another player’s client by any means

Server Crashing
-Maliciously causing a Luxwander gameserver to crash by any means

GR3. Build or share sensible creative and artistic content.

Sexual Imagery
-Pornographic content, innuendos, fetishes or any depiction of a sexually based act
-This includes but is not limited to: books, signs, pixelart, builds, and text-based images

Discriminatory Imagery
-Content that has a history of or an active role in the discrimination of others based upon the items listed under ‘Discrimination’

Radical Imagery
-Content that depicts death, suicide, violence, morbidity, gore, self harm, pedophilia, abuse, addiction

Any breach of rules may result in a mute, ban, content removal, or plot reset with or without warning.
Our staff will warn and refer you to the rules if they are breached in most cases.

If you feel a player has breached any of these rules, please report below:

If you would like to appeal a judgement, please report below:

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