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Apr 14, 2010
Please read “How to apply for staff” before applying: How to apply for staff

•Do you verify that you have read, understand, agree, and will abide by the Staff Code of Conduct and Global Rules? (Yes/No):

➛Please fill out this initial information:

Minecraft In-Game Name:
Minecraft UUID (check with
Discord Username:
Real Name (First & Last):
What is your location and time zone (City, State/Province, Country):
What is your age:
What language(s) do you speak fluently:
What language(s) do you know the basics of:

•Are you most interested in the community team, build team, and/or content team:

•Are you able to host a community event or competition during weekdays? (Yes/No):

•How long have you been a member of the Luxwander Community?

•Do you go to school/have a job? If so, what is your level of education/what do you do for work?

•How much time and effort do you expect to commit to the server if accepted as a staff member?

•Do you have any prior experience as staff with another online community? (If so, please detail your time in that position).

•Do you have any special talents or skills that you feel you could contribute to the community and staff team to help build Luxwander into an even greater community for our players?

•Do you have any personal goals or ideas you would like to accomplish as a staff member?

•What does being a staff member mean to you? (At least one paragraph)?

•The community and Luxwander staff are a family. Tell us more about yourself that maybe would be interesting to know or you feel is important! (You do not need to tell us about anything personal you are not willing to share, this is merely for us to help you connect with your new family):

Being a Helper for the Luxwander Community is a great responsibility. You will be charged with upholding the values of inclusion, respect towards one another, enforcement of our rules, and most importantly, the community oriented atmosphere that has become our specialty.

•Do you understand this responsibility? (Yes/No):

Being a Helper for the Luxwander Community is voluntary, and the Officers of the Community have the right to assess your performance for the Community and terminate your position, you may not receive an initial warning depending on the severity but you will receive an explanation via private message on the forum or Discord.

•Do you understand this message? (Yes/No):

Being a Helper for the Luxwander Community is primarily a test of conflict resolution and communication. We expect you to have patience in stressful situations, be able to solve complex issues within the community using the lowest level of your authority when possible. Arriving at a verbally compliant agreement is the standard to be met before the use of /tempmute or /tempban. Never be afraid to consult an Admin or an Officer if you require assistance before taking action you are unsure of.

•Do you understand this expectation of your behavior and skills? (Yes/No):

Helpers for the Luxwander Community will no doubt put you in situations where an individual player’s private information or confidential Luxwander information is presented to you or others. It is an expectation of you to keep faith with the Community and the administration by keeping all private information or confidential information secure. This is a zero tolerance policy, and any infringement or suspicion of leaked information will be dealt with immediately and harshly.

•Do you understand the burden of faith the Community and the administration has of you? (Yes/No):
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