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Apr 14, 2010
Thank you for your interest in applying for staff on Luxwander.

Registration requires an account on that is at least 14 days old, an introduction posted, and has at least 10 messages on the forum. You'll also need a working headset with a microphone for your Discord interview if the application is approved. If you are accepted as a staff member, expect a trial period in the position for up to one month before formal acceptance.

We typically look for candidates who have been active in-game on Luxwander, however, with the right qualifications you could be accepted as a new player.

Initial Steps

1. Register for an account on by clicking 'Register' on the top right of this page.
2. Create a personal introduction in the following forum: Introductions
3. Create or reply to at least 10 threads on the forum.
4. Make sure your account is at least 14 days old and the above requirements are met before posting your application.

Select Position

Select whether you would like to apply for Cartographer or Advocate. Admins are selected from the pool of current veteran Cartographers or Advocates. If you have unique skills that are unrelated to our typical staff positions, please contact @Schuttle before applying. We are always looking for help in all aspects!

Staff descriptions below:

Cartographers directly work on the creative development of Luxwander and they work in teams to create official builds.

Advocates are community ambassadors who promote our community and values abroad and within. When necessary, Advocates also moderate chat and enforce rules.

Admins are a combination of the same purpose as cartographers and advocates with a broader focus on leadership and helping with higher level decisions that help decide the future of Luxwander. Each admin might be assigned a unique ongoing task, like social media marketing or helping develop plugins. Each individual admin's role is unique and tailored to their specific skill sets and experience.

Together, the staff team's main purpose is providing a fun atmosphere for all players on Luxwander as well as executing our roadmap to the best of our ability.

Completing the Application

After you have selected Cartographer or Advocate, please fill the applications out to the best of your ability and be as detailed as possible.

Applications formats below:

Cartographer: Cartographer Application Template

Advocate: Advocate Application Template

Posting the Application

Post the completed cartographer application below:

Post the completed advocate application below:

Final Steps

It can take one to two weeks to hear back about your application as we evaluate various candidates.

If the application is rejected, we typically will mention where you can improve for your next application. Please wait at least 30 days before re-applying.

If the application is approved, we will contact you via forum DMs (this website) to set up an initial Discord interview. There could be multiple interviews before we decide you are ready for a trial run as a new staff member.

Good luck to all applicants and thank you for applying!
If you have any questions, please contact @Schuttle.

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