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Apr 14, 2010
Hello Wanderers,

We are glad to announce Minecraft Nations: Season 1 is here!

Minecraft Nations: Season 1 Introduction

Please know that all information is subject to change based of player feedback.

Minecraft Nations is Luxwander’s flagship gamemode. On Nations, you can only work on land that your Nation has claimed. To join a Nation, you can ask around on the forums, in game, or on Discord to join an existing nation, or apply with 4 friends to create one of your own.

Nations will operate on a seasonal basis and at the end of the season the server will reset to prepare for the next season. The season will last a few months.

The goal of Nations is to dominate all other Nations in economics, logistics, infrastructure, and warfare. Nations is designed to be extremely challenging with little automation, but this is to add to the challenge and hopefully the fun. All Nations start with an 11x11 chunk area, and won’t be able to increase their size. This means there are no renewable resources besides your enemies and allies; harvest and spend your money wisely if you want to survive. If you plan poorly and do run out of resources your Nation will fall apart and collapse. (We are working on a change to this in the near future.)

The following paragraphs are crucial details of Nations mechanics that will prepare you for the unique challenges ahead! This is far from an all-inclusive list of features or gameplay concepts. Past Nations had complete documentations available, unfortunately, we will not be providing one this time. We want you to discover the world of Nations for yourselves.

However, more guides and examples beyond what’s published here will come out in the future as we see what is needed as the season progresses. We also want players to be able to discover and find their own approach to the path to victory and discover the limits and strategies to work around them on their own. This iteration of Minecraft Nations is beyond vanilla gameplay and as you play you’ll discover there are many changes we have made to construct our vision of Nations.

Launch Details

Sunday 05/10/2020 at 3:20pm PT is the Soft Launch of Minecraft Nations. Soft Launch will last a few days. During Soft Launch you will be able to run around, explore the world, build up in the unprotected wilderness and kill mobs. PVP is enabled beyond the United Nations Neutral Zone, so be careful!

Soft Launch is designed to allow players to form Nations and choose their Nation’s starting location before the Hard Launch. The map is a 20,000 by 20,000 circle. This means the radius from the United Nations Safe Zone is about 10,000 blocks. You will still be able to create Nations into the season, but this launch will allow the most competitive players to get a head start on the season if they choose. You can settle anywhere on the map except Mesa biomes, which are controlled and protected by the United Nations.

The Wilderness

Players who choose to play without joining a Nation are limited in nature as they will be living in the wilderness, but it is still possible to survive and even thrive if you are skilled and patient. Currently you can build and break blocks in the wilderness, but this is subject to change in the future as we test new ways to allow players to live solo in the wilderness if they so choose. Eventually we want resources to be finite, to increase the challenge and hopefully enjoyment of the Nations experience.

In the near future you may be able to claim land and construct nations up from 1 player to 2, to 3 all the way up to however many you want. With this you will be able to live solo in the Wilderness on your own small land as a "City State or Barbarian Encampment". This is subject to change.

United Nations Safe Zone (Spawn) has these resources available to you.

Ore Shops
General Store (Vanilla, Nether, and End Items)
Open Chest Storage
Ender Chest Storage
Auction House
Blacksmith (Item Repairs)
Enchanting Table
Brewing Stands
Blast Furnaces
Crafting Tables
Cartography Tables

Creating and Maintaining a Nation

5 founding members are required to start a Nation and you will apply on the forums with your Nation Charter. First come, first served! It is strongly suggested that you settle on a mountainous biome, as emerald is a valuable resource you will want.

Starting on the Hard Launch day, each nation will gain access to their land, and will be given enough money to cover 3 days land Upkeep as a grace period. Each day you will have to pay Upkeep to support the people that live on your land. Paying this Upkeep increases your citizens happiness and amenities. This will cost $12705 a day, split into 3 payments of $4235 every 8 hours. If you do not pay this money, then your citizens will run out of amenities and become unhappy, for each 8 hour interval you don't have the required $4325 in your Nation bank, your claim will permanently decrease in size, starting from the last claimed chunk and working its way inward as your citizens revolt against you.

Nation Charter Format: Nations Charter Format

Submit Nation Charter here: Nation Charters

Building your Economy and Trading

To build up your Nation’s economy and prepare for trading or warfare, you have three permanent options and one temporary option during Soft Launch.

1. You can sell coal, redstone, lapis, iron, gold, emerald and diamond blocks at the United Nations Neutral Zone at the center of the World. You will need to use as much of the materials in your land as possible to cover the Upkeep and prevent your Nation from completely

2. Trading with other players. You can trade anything you can get, so make the most of your capitalist brains to benefit from this system. Trading is done through the Auction House which you can access in the United Nations Safe Zone. In the future you will be able to access the auction house from your own nations land.

3. Pillaging and raiding other Nations during declared or undeclared wars.

4. During the Soft Launch, you will be allowed to sell mob loot that you collect from killing mobs with iron swords, which are bought in the general store in the United Nations Safe Zone. This will provide you with a way to build some money as a reserve for when Minecraft Nations officially begins. This may or may not be removed for the Hard Launch.

Declaring Wars and Surrendering

You can declare war on any other Nation at any time and set a tribute amount that either Nation will have to pay if they surrender. Declaring war starts a 24-hour timer before the war begins and the war will last 6 hours. After the war there will be a 24-hour grace period before either Nation involved can enter into another war.

During wars, traditional block editing is not enabled for attackers. Attackers can only place blocks like scaffolding, ladders, vines, cobweb, TNT, and obsidian in the defending land. Likewise, they can only edit these blocks with tools. TNT is the only way to destroy or break through a Nation’s defenses.

Either attackers or defenders can surrender at anytime and automatically pay the tribute set when the war was declared.

United Nations

The United Nations is the peacekeeping group on Nations. They are NOT participating in the traditional gameplay like other Nations. The United Nations controls 3 areas of land, the United Nations Safe Zone (spawn), the United Nations Mesa Outpost 1 (Mesa to the North), and the United Nations Mesa Outpost 2 (Mesa to the Southwest). They are primarily made up of the staff team, and will not be playing the same game as everyone else. It is planned to open the United Nations to all players in the future through applications.

The United Nations will slowly build up the two Mesa Outposts and other outposts across the map. They will also construct the main roads to all Nations across the season.

United Nations: Nation Standing and Reputation

This is more on the roleplay side of Nations, but can be very important in giving you good benefits. The United Nations will develop written standing with all other Nations, where peace, good trading, and assisting in attacking/defending affects standing. For example, good trading will increase standing and attacking the United Nations members will lower standing. Another example, is if a Nation has a United Nations flag flying in their Nations land they gain standing with the United Nations over time.

The ways to gain standing aren’t concrete and the United Nations will evaluate all actions when considering standing changes. Posting in the Nations World History forum with events that happen in your Nation will increase your standing with the United Nations. If you are into writing stories, posts saying “The Great Tower of Peace was constructed in 450AD in the United Nations Mesa Outpost 1!”, then a post detailing its construction is acceptable history. We also would love to see posts on how wars and conflict unfold!

United Nations: Transparency

The United Nations is the only server sanctioned "Nation" and has all server tools available to it to facilitate economic stimulus, warfare, events, construction, and gameplay on the server. United Nations members wearing a blue and white United Nations banner are facilitating server sanctioned actions and cannot be attacked. United Nation members wearing a red and white United Nations banner are playing as a normal player and may be attacked; the loot they drop is for the taking.

United Nations: World Events

The United Nations will also run several world events that anyone can participate in. These events are for fun. You do not need to participate to play Nations, although we think you will really enjoy them!

Gold Convoys - The United Nations will transport a large amount of gold from one of their outposts back to the United Nations Safe Zone. Nations can try and stop the convoy to claim the gold, but if they do, they will decrease their standing with the United Nations. If you help defend the convoy, you will gain standing with the United Nations.

Resource Convoy – The United Nations will be transporting a large amount of resources from the United Nations Safe Zone to one of their outposts. Nations can try and stop the convoy, but if they do, they will decrease their standing with the United Nations. If you help defend the convoy, you will gain standing with the United Nations.
Market Day – The United Nations will host a public market at the United Nations Safe Zone which will sell and buy materials, equipment etc. Attending the market will boost standing with the United Nations.

Fencing Tournament – The United Nations will host a fighting tournament at the United Nations Safe Zone, contenders will increase standing with the United Nations, and the winner gets a credit prize.

Higher upkeep period – This could be caused by wars, or natural disasters. This is a time where the economy is less stable and Nations will have to pay more Upkeep to keep their citizens happy and restock their amenities.

Lower upkeep period. This is a time where the economy is stable due to peace and prosperity. All Nations citizens will be happier, hence they will pay less Upkeep.

The United Nations will put out bounties on people with low standing with them or even entire nations who stand in the way of peace. Nations who can claim no these bounties will get cash prizes.

United Nations Defectors - These are peacekeepers who have lost their way. They will have good gear and be hard to kill. The United Nations will put bounties on these players who have defected from their ranks and those who kill them will get the loot as well as positive standing.

Minecraft Nations: Season 1 Summary

More details are on the way as we complete internal documentation and iron out any difficulties throughout the season. We will be paying close attention to how Season 1 develops and we may make many tweaks throughout the Season. This Season will be a learning experience for us as much as the players.

We had quite a rough start, with a lot of feedback being thrown around, and a lot of negativity. We are confident in the product we have created, and are convinced that if you give it a try, you will be pleasantly surprised with how fun it might be. We are looking to keep consistently improving the game, and we hope you can continue to give us honest and fair feedback for us to truly improve the experience for you.

Everything we learn, we will put towards improving Season 1, and expanding to Season 2 and beyond.
Thank you for reading and we hope to see you on Minecraft Nations! If you find any issues, bugs, or have any feedback please let us know! Have fun and enjoy Minecraft Nations!

Schuttle, TigerJM, and the Luxwander Team
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Is there a reason your standing with the Sierota Government is important? I know you said this wasn't a complete post but you bring up that feature a lot.