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Apr 14, 2010
Create a thread in this forum with this template to apply for sovereignty. This template must be filled out to be approved as an Official Nation and receive its benefits such as a protection region and land that can be harvested for resources. We recommend heavy structuring, content, and organization for your Nation as this charter will also be used as an Advertisement for your Nation. If your charter is selected your charter will be moved to the "The Nations" forum where players may start applying to your Nation.

Players will reply to your Nation's Charter with their applications. To facilitate this smoothly, also create a Nation Member Application Form to go along with your charter. You may create and organize your member application as you see fit to your own Nation's needs. We will not grade your application based on the contents of your custom nation member application form.

The following is an Nations Charter detailed explanation and below that is an empty Nation Charter to fill out.

Nation Name: Official name of your Nation.

Officers: All the leaders and officers of your Nation.

Founding Members: 5 Required, incl. Officers. Add your mcUUID with each member. You can find your mcUUID from Also, add the corresponding members Lux forum account URL.

Historian(s): Every Nation must have at least one dedicated historian that captures events through the eyes of their Nation. They should post as often as possible updating the history and challenges of their Nation in the World History forum.

Nation Location (Center, X, Y, Z): The Nation location will be your suggested coordinates of your Nation. If approved, a Sierota World Government representative will break ground for your Nation. Your Nation cannot settle on a Mesa biome or be within 1200 blocks of another Nations center.

Type of Government: The type of government your Nation will embody.

Ranking System: The ranking system members will be able to climb.

Out of Game Flag/Banner Image: A large standard flag format and/or banner image.

In Game Flag/Banner Image: The in game equivalent of your Nation's color's. For example, Sierota's emblem is 3 red wool and 1 black wool standing vertically with the black wool on the bottom and red wool on top.

History: The history of how your Nation came to be in it's current form. You may build off other Nation's histories.

Skins: Custom skins that are used for the uniforms of your Nation.

Extra Nation Information: Anything you would like to add to make your application stand out.

Nation Member Application Form: Your Custom Nation Member Application Form Goes Here

Nation Name:


Founding Members:


Nation Location (Center, X, Y, Z):

Type of Government:

Ranking System:

Out of Game Flag/Banner Image:

In Game Flag/Banner Image



Extra Nation Information:

Nation Member Application Form: Your Custom Nation Member Application Form Goes Here

Good Luck!
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