New decade, new introduction


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Sep 4, 2014
South Gloucestershire, England

So after reading my old introduction it has come to my attention that a new one is needed. :oops:

After leaving Lux last time on not the greatest terms with staff, I have returned with an open mind as after all, Lux was my childhood and I have met many amazing people on here!

I'm now 20, (not 15 anymore) and currently working for a retail company in the UK as a team leader sooo a lot of my time at the moment is spent there but any free time I get I try make it onto the server to talk. Also now finished all education although currently looking to start an apprenticeship and I can now drive! (for almost 3 years) and own a Peugeot 208 GTi which I love. Apart from that, not a lot has changed but feel free to say hi my IGN is ItsBenM8 will be happy to talk to anyone. It would just be much appreciated that no one reads my old intro as I couldn't even bare to read it myself lol

Left a lovely picture of my car as it's beautiful;)

Have a good one!