Royal Creative Release (Old Majestic Creative Plots)


Staff member
Apr 14, 2010

Royal Creative is releasing Saturday March 27th at 9am PT/LuxTime. I'm sure everyone is excited to check out all their old builds and relive old memories! All old plots and builds from Majestic Creative dating from before 2019 are on Royal.

Before jumping in, here's a refresher on how the old worlds were structured! Royal has two of the old Majestic 400x400 block plot worlds. World 1 and 2 can be accessed at /warp world1 and /warp world2. World 1 is the default world, but most old players will spawn in at their last known location. New players can not claim a plot on Royal, but can be added to existing plots.

All old warps have been reset, but you can still visit all your old plots.

To list all your plots use '/plot list mine' and to list all plots shared with you use '/plot list shared'. Use '/plot home #' to travel to one of your old plots, simply change the # to the numbered plot you would like to visit.

If you are a current VIP you can visit any plot using '/plot visit NAME #'. There is a lot of them! Old VIPs could have up to 20 plots and former staff could have even more.

A big thank you to all the staff that helped make this release possible! We'll see you on Royal and let the nostalgia flow!

Schuttle and the Luxwander Team