Saturday October 17th Build Comp!


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Feb 4, 2014
Saturday October 17th Build Comp!
Minecraft Server IP:

It is time for a Build Competition on

Saturday October 17th @ 2 PM WEST COAST / 4 PM CENTRAL / 5 PM EASTERN / 10 PM LONDON

We'll be hosting a Luxwander Build competition. You will get your own area on this plot where you can build something with the given theme. The theme will be given just before the starting time. The time you get to build is 1 hour. After that 1 hour, we will judge your builds. (The sooner you get on Majestic the smoother it can get started. There must be a minimum of 4 participants or the competition will be cancelled.

The winner will be given the Rookie Builder rank (If the winner already has a builder rank they can upgrade to the next rank (Capped at Expert). This comp is separate from the Terraform comp, in theory a single player could win both competitions. You don't need to sign up, just show up on the Majestic server shortly before the start time of the competition, and let the staff know you would like to participate.
Skilled builders are allowed to win back to back.
Buildcomp is 1 hour long.
@ /warp LuxBuilds

Rules for this Build Competition :

1. Hacking will get you disqualified and permanently banned.
2. Be respectful.
3. You must claim your prize immediately after the competition or you will forfeit it.
4. Prize list is subject to availability and change.
5. RSVPing on the forum does not guarantee a spot.
6. Staff cannot get a spot on the podium.
7. Please build inside the given area.
8. Do not build Inappropriate things.
9. Follow the General Luxwander rules.
10. World edit is NOT allowed.
11. Teaming up is not allowed.
12: Fireworks are not permitted on the plot during buildcomp.
13: Don't sabotage participants in anyway.
14: Do not build deceased animals or other previously alive beings unless it is appropriate for the theme.