Should Vanilla Bean be updated to hard mode?

Should Vanilla Bean be put in hard mode

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Jan 9, 2020
Ontario, Canada
I know that VB is supposed to be a "casual experience" but considering the move to hard mode isn't as daunting as it sounds, I think that Luxwander VB should be changed to hard mode because it brings more content to the game and if a large portion of the VB community supports it, then why not?
- Villagers have a 100% chance of being turned into zombie villagers when killed by zombies vs. the 50% chance in normal mode, meaning you can reliably kill your villager via zombie to lower it's trades and make an actual viable villager trading area or something along those lines, otherwise not viable in normal mode.
- Raids include evokers and more enemies. This means its possible to get totems of undying in the game which there can only exist a couple of otherwise because there will be a few non-respawnable evokers in woodland mansions which drop them(there's probably not more than 2 in the entire map). This also means you can farm totems
- Mobs have a higher chance of being able to pick up items, meaning you don't have to waste nametags on them to keep them from despawning
- Mobs DON'T spawn more often contrary to popular belief
- Mobs DON'T have more health(unless wearing armour of course)

- Mobs do slightly more damage
- Occasionally mobs will spawn with armor(which can be pets so maybe actually a pro)


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Nov 11, 2013
The majority of the community wants it, so why not change VB to hard? Also, most of the players have full diamond gear anyways, so it's not like there's anything challenging that's gonna appear. Staying in normal mode just makes the server boring.


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Apr 14, 2010
Hello all,

Thanks for making this community poll, it is clear to me that there are people who are passionate about seeing hard mode on Vanillabean. With that in mind, it is still under consideration, but won’t be implemented in the near future even if accepted.

While I believe community polls will always have inherent bias, I will take the data from this poll and compare it to a future official survey and see how they compare later. I am holding off on an official survey for a Vanillabean difficulty change until after Nations is released at this time.

I would like to talk about our development process, worries, and future possibilities regarding changing the Vanillabean difficulty mode. First off, right now my first priority is to fulfill the roadmap here. We are quite behind schedule and adding more to our plate won’t help.

Vanillabean as a server as Meer mentioned is supposed to be a casual experience. We are still working to streamline the new player experience on Vanillabean and changing the difficulty mode or other changes on Vanillabean isn’t a priority until we can achieve a good experience for new players. The plugin we use is already a barrier for entry for plenty of players and we don’t want to increase the barrier any higher. I’m sure we have all seen players join, die, and then shortly leave afterwards to never return. That’s a big problem we want to address since these new players are our future.

Another challenge is the Vanillabean server itself can only handle 20 to 30 players spread across the worlds before there is noticeable lag on Vanillabean. Unfortunately, this is a limitation that can’t be circumvented since we already run some of the best server hardware. With that in mind, there has already been internal plans for a second Vanillabean server to address this at peak times. It’s possible that with this new data on how many players would like hard mode, we could create a separate hard mode Vanillabean server instead.

I also have plans for a hardcore survival server with optional PvP on Luxwander. This server wouldn’t be vanilla and there could be other plugins to help create a more challenging experience. I wasn’t planning this server this year, but since there is so much attention on hard mode now this could be something I take a closer look at sooner than later.

I can’t stress enough that I love hearing feedback from the community, but I hope the community can be patient with us as we grow. For example, even if we fully agree on something the community has voted for, it could still be several months out before the feature is implemented as we work towards current goals. Growing Luxwander is going to be a marathon and not a sprint. I know a lot of people have been with us for years and have a lot of passion to see us succeed and we will succeed with your support.