Six Years Later: Alexblock2001


Sep 22, 2015
Wollondilly, NSW, Australia
Hi guys; I don't even know where to begin.

If you've been on Luxwander for a long time, you may remember me. I joined the server back in November 2014 and became more immersed in the server gradually throughout 2015 and joined the forums later in the year. I brought with me a few companions, notably Royann23, Sniper_Killshot, and TheShadowArchr. Throughout 2015 and 2016, until January 2017, I lived on the server and was on almost every day. I spearheaded the DWC Project on the original Majestic Creative Server with tens of people partaking. Odds are, if you were on the server at any time in that period, I was also. Luxwander was my escape from the real world and it is hard to describe my connection to the community. In January 2017, I encountered some complications in the real world which saw me effectively leave the server despite a brief spell in early 2018. When the server reset, I only returned for a minute or two every few months to check if the old creative worlds were accessible again. I rejoined several days ago and have gradually been reinstituting myself ever since. I've spent some time reexploring the forums trying to rejog my memories and find those who I once knew.

To spare you from suffering through my original intro, I'm Alex (evidently), I'm a block (evidently), and I was born in 2001 (evidently). I live in semi-rural New South Wales, Australia; and am rather awkward privately however am pretty good at masking such.

I must also admit that I was nowhere near the most likeable person on Luxwander (evident in my original intro posts and conversations), but I nevertheless made some amazing friends at the time including but not exclusive to Cutie, Jacob, Smaug, Peri, Agile, Colby, Polaris, Aknita, Jedi, Polaris, Meer, Aggreg, Luna, DSBulldogs, and Truesurvivor. I also must say that I am not exactly the same person I was last time. Hopefully I can reintegrate into the community to the level I was involved before, as complex as it may be. The next step I presume is to try and reclaim my builder ranks and wait for the old worlds to be accessible again!

If anyone wants to reminisce or something of a like, chuck me a message.

~ Alexblock2001

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