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Apr 14, 2010
Luxwander Staff Code of Conduct

From here on general staff members will be referenced as Staff. Senior staff will be referenced as Officers. The general population referenced as Members. Luxwander, Luxwander gameservers and/or services the establishment at which they are volunteered and have responsibility.

The Staff unanimously agrees to all the following:

1. To follow all rules and regulations set forth in all entities.

2. To be respectful of all Members and Staff of Luxwander and to represent Luxwander with professionalism.

3. To understand that not all decisions are open for group discussion because input arrives from many sources, some of which require privacy and confidentiality.

4. To be discreet and to maintain confidentiality regarding Staff activities and Member information. We have a strict adherence to privacy at Luxwander.

5. To agree to use private mails and private messaging to communicate with the administrative team when questioning administration policy, guidelines, private decisions or when reporting another Staff.

6. To consider other's feelings before hitting the submit button, both on the public and private entities.

7. To resign from Staff duties if there is a breach of confidentiality, if the code of conduct is not followed, or if the guidelines of Luxwander or the authority of the administration are not recognized.

8. To secure access to their accounts and prevent unauthorized access from anyone but themselves. Do not share your accounts with others. All actions made under your account are your responsibility and we will assume that the original owner is behind the account at all times.

9. To report all instances of abuse and/or breach of rules from Staff, Members, and/or including yourself. Failure to report or come forward can result in demotion and ban.

10. To not report to your duties at Luxwander if you are under the influence of drugs such as alcohol or under heavy mental or emotional stress that could impair your judgement to make rational decisions.

11. Staff must use their original minecraft usernames on the forum, teamspeak, in game, and any other Luxwander services so they may be properly identified by Members and Staff. Exceptions are made if we host servers or services for a different game or community where their original name could be already taken.

12. Staff will treat themselves as normal Members at all times and not use their Staff powers for entertainment, pranks, or to gain advantage. Staff powers are reserved only for professional usage such as moderating.

13. Staff can't claim prizes from official Luxwander events. The prize will be given to the next available runner up who is not Staff. They must be present to claim the prize.

14. Must declare to Schuttle if they are Staff in another online community or Minecraft server.

15. Must keep up to date with the code of conduct on their own accord and if you disagree with any part of the code of conduct at anytime to contact @Schuttle.

16. Staff cannot /ignore players or disable Global Chat.

Additional Policies

Administration Privacy - There are reasons why certain forums are viewable only by Staff. They contain sensitive forum information, and information that is not deemed "accessible" by Members. As Staff with access to the private forums, you are trusted with the responsibility to not disclose anything posted in the Staff forums. Failure to abide by this guideline may result in your immediate access removal of your position.

Fair Judgement - As Staff, it is your responsibility to execute fair judgement. It is important for you to be able to make decisions regardless of personal interest, relationship, or benefit. If you are unable to do so, then, you are unable to do your job to it's fullest. A major part of operating here at Luxwander is interacting with other Members and Staff. You are expected to treat all Staff and Members the same. If personal interests, relationships, or benefits hinder your ability to operate at your fullest responsibility, you may be subject to immediate removal of your position.

Activity - As Staff, you are required to be an active poster and visitor of the forums, active on our gameservers, and services. If it is discovered that you are lacking in any of the previously mentioned fields, you may be contacted in regards to your performance. Following no response, or no shown improvement, you may be removed from your position or job that are are failing to meet requirements in, or you may be removed as Staff. Failing to inform the administration, and your peers that you are going on a leave of absence over two weeks may also result in your removal as Staff.

Rules - As Staff, you are subject to the same rules as the general population. However, because of your rank, your infractions are logged, and your punishments are more severe. For example, where a Member of may receive a warning, you may receive a demotion. It is your responsibility to not only be an authority figure in the community, but to also be an example in all of the communities you visit. The Members emulate the way Staff act and carry themselves, because they figure that everything you do is within the rules. If you violate the rules, you set a bad example for Members, and you will be demoted or punished.

Leave of Absence - Staff must post a Leave of Absence topic here if they are going to have much lessened activity for over two weeks. You may optionally leave a Leave of Absence for less than two weeks if you deem necessary.

Luxcation - Staff who may feel burned out or overpressured may instead opt for a Luxcation rather than resigning. A Luxcation is an extended Leave of Absence where your rank is reserved for you but removed so you will not be pressured by Staff or Members. For Staff, a Luxcation must be a minimum of two weeks, and no more than 3 months. For Officers, a Luxcation must be a minimum of two weeks and no more than 6 months. You do not need to tell us when you are returning. If you do not wish to return, you do not need to do anything. If you have been Staff for less than 3 months, you may not take a Luxcation instead please consider resigning. If you decide to have a Luxcation, post a topic here with Luxcation in the Title.


Staff at Luxwander is a job although volunteer, is still a responsibility. Like any other job, you can be terminated for violating the code of conduct, rules, or failing to fulfill your responsibilities. This section outlines the most common issues that result in removal as Staff.

Non-Professional Usage of Staff Powers - Some examples of incorrect usages of Staff powers are: Spawning mobs, pranking others, teleporting to other players who have shown no evidence of breaking rules, kicking, banning, muting your friends, or using Staff powers in anyway that elevates their gameplay beyond a Member.

Breaking Luxwander Rules - Members of the general population are banned for repeatedly breaking Luxwander rules, Staff are subject to removal as a Staff if they are proven guilty of breaking the rules. Staff may also be banned following a demotion like a Member.

Violating Code of Conduct - Staff that violate any section of the "Code of Conduct" are subject to an immediate removal as a Staff by an administrator. You may not receive an initial warning depending on the severity but you will receive an explanation via private message on the forum.

Leave of Absence Notification - Failing to file a Luxcation or Leave of Absence, After two weeks of no activity, you will be subject to demotion without warning.

Leaking information or Granting Access to Staff Areas - There is a reason that Members cannot access the Staff areas. As mentioned in the "Code of Conduct", information posted in the Staff forums or areas only accessible to Staff are private. If it is proven that you have leaked information from the Staff areas or granted access to Members to Staff areas, you will be subject to an immediate demotion.

Officers' Discretion - If an administrator feels that Staff does not meet the requirements necessary to successfully moderate the community or fulfill their duties, an Admin can remove the Staff in question.


You are free to resign from your position as Staff here at Luxwander at anytime without any warning, however, we request that you take care of the following before stepping down:

Inform The Administration - Inform @Schuttle that you are resigning.

Replacement - Recommend someone as your replacement.


If you are Staff and disagree with the Agreement or Code of Conduct please let @Schuttle know.

If you are a Member or Staff and see Staff breach the Agreement or Code of Conduct, please report the staff member here:
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