State of Affairs


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Jan 28, 2014
From the Office of the Luminary,

On May 26th, approximately 1930 hours, a siege was laid upon the Spectral Brotherhood Ascendancy Fortress by an Eclipse insurgent group comprised of seven - eight . This siege lasted for an estimated time of at least five hours. This attack was unprecedented as the Defender Force of three SBA warriors and two Atlas personnel were not able to counter the superior numbers at the time. Unfortunately, in a bait maneuver, the Atlas heroes were killed. Our hearts go out to them but we are satisfied they joined with our Lord, the Blood God.

Upon actual analysis, this was a strategic victory for the Spectral Brotherhood Ascendancy. All in all, SBA forces scouted and eliminated two bases belonging to this insurgent group threatening the status quo thus providing more logistical equipment for our forces to aid in our War production.

The Luxwander Network has been home to the Spectral Brotherhood Ascendancy since August of 2013. One siege against our hegemony does not warrant our collapse, on the contrary, it motivates us to bring down those who think that the Ascendancy has been bested by foreigners.

DarthMet, Speaker of State Spectral Brotherhood Ascendancy