Sunday July 5th Free For All Event


Staff member
Aug 22, 2017
New Jersey
Hello Wanderers!

This event is held in Vanillabean on:
Sunday, July 5th
EST- 5pm
Central- 4pm
PST- 2pm
London- 10pm
If confused please use:
Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator

I am proud to announce that we have revamped our previous PvP/PvE Arena Event. It is now called the "Free For All"! This time around, we will be doing a few rounds of Last Player Standing, but we will be adding in mobs as well! Choose to kill mobs, or fight each other immediately! Teaming will be prohibited for this July 5th event.

To attend do /visitregion Spawn at your nearest region post.

Kill mobs and each other! Everyone will be thrown into the arena. There will be 4 rounds, each round, your gear will increase in quality. If you win a round, you get reduced by 1 tier of armor moving forward into the next round, this disadvantage doubles if you win multiple rounds. There will be at max 4 winners, depending on if the same winner wins multiple rounds.

The prize will change every week, this week the winner will be awarded 12 Wither Roses, 4 End Crystals, 64 Emeralds, 1 Skull Banner Pattern, 1 Steve Head, 64 End Rods, 24 Diamonds, 32 Pumpkin Pies, 12 Honey Blocks, and 15,000 credits in Factions!

If you win multiple rounds, you will only be given one set of prizes.

Beware: You will not be compensated for lost experience levels, play at your own risk.

Don't bring any personal gear to this event, everything you need will be provided to you.

  1. Come with a sportsmanship minded attitude.
  2. Absolutely no cheating or hacking.
  3. Do not try to interfere with the participants.
  4. You cannot keep whatever you are given in the arena.
  5. No hiding for long periods of time.
  6. Follow the Luxwander general rules at all times.
  7. None of your equipment from outside the arena can be brought in.
  8. No teams (testing for this event!)