The Ranks and Roles Update


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Apr 14, 2010
Get ready to rock and roll! The long awaited ranks and roles update is here. Staff are now organized into teams, new ranks, and have additional staff roles. Builder roles are added and applications are now open on the forums. New earnable community roles are also available.

All ranks are prefixed to a players name and all roles are suffixed to a players name in game. Roles can be accessed in game with the ‘/tags’ command. Pioneers have access to the ‘/tags color’ command to change the color and formatting of their role.

Why We Wanted to Change Staff Ranks

We wanted to give staff more recognition for their individual roles as well as lower the bar for new staff with more entry level ranks. As the server grows we are also looking for more talent not only related to Minecraft itself. We now have different staff teams and roles to better reflect to players how staff contribute and to help recognize their contributions!

Staff are now laid out into four separate teams, staff members have one rank, but can be on multiple teams and hold multiple roles.

The Staff Teams

Management Team
Community Team
Build Team
Content Team

The Management Team Ranks (Highest to Lowest in Seniority)

Executive Officers (EXEC)

The Community Team Ranks (Highest to Lowest in Seniority)


New staff members now start at Helper, the focus of this rank is to provide new staff a taste of the responsibilities involved and to help new staff ease in without being overwhelmed. Helpers who perform well are promoted to Advocate which is a familiar rank with a new spin. Advocates no longer have moderating powers, but the rank helps recognize staff members who have contributed and have performed well with their responsibilities as a Helper.

Mod is a familiar role and you guessed it, it has moderating powers! There will not typically be direct promotions from Advocate to Mod since the roles have some major differences and responsibilities like their mod powers. However, all Advocates can apply for Mod internally.

Senior staff who enjoy the responsibilities of their staff role(s), and do not want the extra responsibilities of Mod, have the choice to stay at Advocate indefinitely but can still be promoted or change their focus through roles.

The Building Team Roles (Highest to Lowest in Seniority)

Architect: Senior Staff Builder
Designer: Staff Builder
Carto: Starter Staff Builder

You may have noticed Cartographers are missing from the rank tree. We have switched Cartographers from a rank to a role. We have also added additional roles related to building to allow us to recognize dedicated Cartos contributions and skills.

The Content Team Roles (No Order of Seniority)

Developer: Server Plugin Management / Creation / Coding
Creator: Art / Graphics / Animations / Web Design / Youtube / Twitch
Editor: Social Media Manager / Articles / Marketing
Runner: Official Event Runner

Community Builder Roles (Highest To Lowest in Seniority)

Expert (First level that provides world edit commands.)
Pro (Max level that can be won through build competitions.)

All builder roles have been attributed to players who have won build competitions as of this post.

To apply for a builder role, please follow the link for more information: Builder Role Application Format

Community Roles with Requirements (No Order of Seniority)

Veteran: Have an active forum account with a join date no later then 2016. Some exceptions can be made considering the situation, for example, we can help recover an old account you no longer have access to but can prove ownership. We offer this on a case by case basis.

Organizer: Organize an unofficial Luxwander related discord, community, or event.

Streamer: Stream Luxwander related content on Twitch or similar and have at least 500 followers OR 50 high quality Luxwander related VODs.

Youtuber: Create Luxwander related content on Youtube and have at last 500 subscribers OR 50 high quality Luxwander related videos.

More community roles are planned and we are taking suggestions!

To apply for a community role, please message in #community-role-request discord channel. All requests are carefully and manually reviewed.


We hope everyone will enjoy the new ranks and roles as much as we will!


Dec 18, 2013
Lots of new stuff! Can't wait to see what December holds for the server :D

Doing a great job!!